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Take an Online Shorthand Course to Upskill Yourself

The Technique of Writing Shorthand

Whether you are at a university, a presentation, or a conference, you may have a lot of text and research notes to cover. A moderate writing speed can fail to catch up, and you may end up losing a lot of valuable information.

This is where learning Shorthand comes as an effective solution. An online Shorthand course is an innovative way of writing that comes in several forms and types. Different versions have their own phonetics or alphabets, and every system is unique.

What is Shorthand?

Shorthand is a writing system that represents alphabets, words, or even sentences in different forms like symbols or short forms.

Steps to Learn the Skill of Shorthand

Step 1 – Identify which system you want to learn

Consider the time and the speed at which you want to write. You can learn the new versions of Pittman and Gregg’s shorthand. If you don’t have the time, Gregg Diamond Jubilee and Pitman 2000 are faster versions.

Some of the modern types of shorthand learning online are:

1. Pitman Shorthand

You can master this form and type 200 words in a minute using strokes to express different sounds. You need a steel-tipped pen to use this method which uses many dots and dashes.

2. Gregg Shorthand

Using this system, you can write more than 200 words a minute, but this system involves a lot of learning. It uses circles to indicate vowels and comprises several symbols to denote words and statements.

3. Teeline Shorthand

This is a more appropriate form of shorthand for journalists, which comprises abbreviations in the alphabetical format. This system focuses on the vital alphabets and is about writing small vowels and consonants.

Step 2: Gather appropriate learning resources

Today, thanks to technological advancement, you can learn about shorthand from various YouTube videos, hands-on experiences, tutorials, bookstores, local libraries, and of course, by enrolling yourself in an online shorthand course.

Step 3: Practice shorthand

If you are a beginner, it’s highly recommended to practice and gain expertise and experience in the language. This will help you speed up and remember the technique better.

Alternative Shorthand Learning Techniques

You can learn simple shorthand notation or take a touch typing course to save time or even create your own technique. The idea is to grasp everything that is being said and pen it down with a good speed. Some other basic styles are:

  1. Handwrite – It uses many of the same symbols for consonants and the same cursive and quick strokes as Greggs.
  2. Bell’s invisible speech – It reduces all voice sounds to a series of symbols.
  3. Blissymbolics – It symbolizes the concept of writing with descriptive images as well as words.

Conclusion – Why Should You Learn Shorthand?

Shorthand is a much faster writing technique that allows you to grasp and write 200 plus words a minute rather than using the traditional method of writing, which permits you to only write 20-30 words in a minute. Shorthand is highly suitable for noting down minutes or memos. It is also helpful in various areas of work and for several types of professionals such as journalists, court clerks, secretaries, etc.

Learning the shorthand skill improves listening, enhances summarization, and strengthens memory. It also helps your resume, showing your commitment to learning new skills. The sky is the limit when you have extraordinary abilities. You can learn this yourself by enrolling in a touch typing course online without having to go back to school.

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