Gojek Clone App now allows Users to book Taxis through their Apple Smart Watches! Isn’t it snazzy, so Chic and cosmopolitan of the App Developers to have designed a Taxi Booking iWatch App! All that the User has to do is connect one’s iPhone with one’s iWatch and is perpetually connected with Wi-Fi. The User has to just download the Riders’ App on one’s iPhone and simultaneously and automatically an App will get installed in your Apple Smart.

Tap your way to Book Taxis and even pay online using your iWatch!

App like Gojek are an ingenious invention of the mankind that offers unprecedented and exceptional features such as Taxi and Moto Rides booking, Quick home delivery of Food, Grocery, Stationeries and Medicines, availing services of a Masseuse, Car Wash, Electricians, Plumbers, and Security Guards, this App also help your Users schedule an appointment with a Doctor, Psychologist, Lawyer, and Tutor all through one single App that User has to just login once!

But wait, there’s more!

Your App’s User can send single and multiple deliveries to one or three-different destinations all with the ease of this App. They can even appoint Delivery Runners to run errands for them such as bringing Dell laptop to the Office from the User’s home because Samantha was in such a rush that she completely forgot about it.

One might ask me if your beloved Gojek Clone App provides Repair Services.

Oh Yes! Be it any of your App Users’ Electronic Devices that needs attention including Television sets, Computer & Laptops and Mobiles, this All in One Services’ App has a solution for everything.

What about Sofas and Carpets? We have got your back!

This software is a Tech-Savvy Genie that’d fulfil all of your on-demand service needs! Your User has to just install this App to see its magic unravel before their eyes!

What Apocalyptic this Covid-19 induced Pandemic has been!

The World Economy didn’t just come to a standstill but it crashed! Millions of noble souls lost their precious lives to this highly contagious virus! Companies downsized big-time and many lost all their life’s savings in medical treatment of Covid-19 Positive patients who were hospitalized.

The Financial Crisis became the pity story of every household across continents. Businesses suffered substantial and burdensome losses to the extent that many had to ultimately shut their businesses down. On-Demand Services felt the strongest blow of Government’s stringent measures to break the transmission cycle of this lethal virus by implementing social distancing and stepping out only if it’s absolutely necessary!

Gojek Clone App couldn’t see the plight of its Service Providers and hence introduced the World Health Organization’ (WHO) extensive Covid-Safety Measures to ensure well-being of both the Service Providers and the Users!  

Here is a detailed list of measures taken by this App to help revive the On-Demand Service Industry!

  • Taxi Drivers have to undergo Face Mask Verification procedure before starting the ride!

This is a mandatory step which Taxi Drivers cannot skip under any circumstance! They have to first take a Selfie with the Face Mask On and upload it on the App to get it verified by the App Owner! And only after the Admin gives a “Go-Ahead” signal that Taxi Drivers can start accepting Rides.

  • Just two passengers for Basic Taxi Cabs to ensure Social Distancing

This Powerful Gojek like App had introduced a Restricted Passengers Limit feature to ensure safety for the Riders and the Taxi Drivers. WHO had clearly instructed that despite effective vaccines in the market, humans only shield against this novel-coronavirus is Face Mask and Social Distancing in Public Areas.

  • Cancel Rides immediately if the Rider finds Taxi Driver not following Covid Safety guidelines

This liberty to cancel Rides without incurring any penalty charges is given to the Taxi Drivers as well. They can cancel the Rides if they find the Rider without the Face Mask.


Gojek Clone App has given the Gig-Workers a respectable Social-Status and a stable livelihood through its digital platform. The App Owner earns Commission on every single order placed or service rendered through the App. Do you want to make easy and quick money like this? Do you aspire to become a successful entrepreneur who has established a billion dollar industry? Then contact App Development Company Right Now and go live with the App in just under 7 days! And you’d raking in profits from Day 1 of the launch.


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