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Tara Sutaria’s Net Worth

Tara Sutaria’s Net Worth


In the world of male chauvinism society there are a fewer number of females who have proved themselves to be successful in the Bollywood industry. Tara Sutaria is one the most popular actors who has proved themselves to be successful in this industry. Tara Sutaria is an Indian-origin actor, model, and singer who has worked widely in the Indian film industry. Sutaria was born in a Parsi family on 19th November 1995.

She has a twin sister named Pia. She has completed her schooling at Bai Avabai Framji Petit Girls school in Mumbai and subsequently has received her master’s degree in Mass Media from Saint Andrew’s College of Arts, Science, and Commerce. Sutaria has been training in modern dance, classical ballet, and Latin American dances at the Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society for Teachers of Dancing in the United Kingdom. Apart from being an actor, she has also been a prominent vocalist who has performed in several concerts worldwide. Tara gained popularity by featuring in her debut ‘The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir’ in 2012. 



Tara Sutaria started her career working in television as a child artist in 2010 as a video jockey in the Disney Channel. She also worked in other television serials like Oye Jassie (2013) and Suit Life of Karan (2012). She made her debut in the Hindi film industry while working in Student of the Year 2 in 2019 with Dharma production. Apart from acting, she has also been a popular singer since she was seven years old.

performed in several operas, concerts, and competitions since then. She had been playing the lead role in the musical album ‘Grease’ in Raell Padamsee’s production. They also performed in several solo concerts in Tokyo, London, and Mumbai. The also performed with Mikey McCleary, Louiz Banks and has been a soloist at the NCPA for over a decade. She was the winner of the show ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’ in 2011 and won a prize worth Rs. 10,000. She was also recognized for her role as Jasmine in Disney’s 2019 Aladdin. 


Net Worth:

Tara Sutaria’s Net worth is $2 million in 2021. She is among the most prominent dancers, models, and singers in the Hindi film and television industry. The most beautiful actor in India, and she is in the top ten on the list. She was among the most talented and attractive heroines in the Bollywood industry. Only fewer celebrities are there in the industry who have shown this much success at an incredibly young age. Tara has acted in a total of seven movies in her career. She is also a well-known singer with her beautiful voice. In this article, we will discuss her total net worth, income, monthly salary, assets, luxury lifestyle, career, and biography. 


According to a recent report, Tara Sutaria’s net worth is $2 million in 2021. She is among the top teenage actors in the Hindi film industry. Her net monthly income is thirty lakhs’ rupees. Most of her earnings come from several television shows, modeling projects, and Bollywood movies. Tara Sutaria charges 2-3 crores per movie. Apart from movies she also earns from different brand promotions. Tara Sutaria charges around 30 Lakh rupees per brand endorsement. It was predicted that she will be on the list of top-paid highest actors in the Indian film industry. Her net worth is growing every year after being successful in her recent movies. Tara Sutaria’s annual income is around 4 Crore+. 


Having been cast in several successful movies. Tara Sutaria now stays in plush adobe at Pali Hill, which is one of the posh localities in Mumbai. Her residence is based in Anand House. The house is fully modern designed with spacious and airy balconies. Apart from a house in Pali Hill, Tara Sutaria also owns a penthouse in Bandra which is another posh area in Mumbai.


Tara Sutaria’s net worth is $2 million. Her net worth keeps growing by 5% with every passing year. She has been the most rising star in India, who has the choice of the biggest companies. She was a brand ambassador for several international brands in India and abroad.

The ambassador of the famous Indian cosmetic brand ‘Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’. Apart from that, she has also endorsed several other brands like Fanta, Puma, and Veet. Sutaria has multiple earning sources and is considered to be one of the most hard-working actresses in the Hindi Film industry.

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