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Technical SEO Tips and Tricks Through the Use of Screaming Frog

These are a huge number of tools to use for boosting SEO. With the increasing number of websites and Digital Marketing Services tactics, experts are exploring more avenues to keep their clients ahead of the stiff competitive market. Screaming frog is one of such tools moreover, that can exceptionally change the scale of your market!

Screaming Frog, an effective SEO tool, helps in keyword research, competitive analysis, and link building of a website. The tool helps in audits and, reports, as well. Importantly, screaming Frog Spider is an application that is used to drag apps, links and images. You can use the tool to audit and improve the SEO of your website and will get the correct information.

likewise, you can avail free and paid versions of the tools. The free version allows one to do crawling on the most 500 URLs. The paid version enables you to crawl up unlimited URLs at the yearly charge of 149 Pound.

Screaming Frog can crawl up the small and, large websites with the same effectiveness. The desktop-friendly tool helps you to make wise SEO decisions. If you face issues using the tool, you can contact any leading best SEO Services Company for advice and guidance.

Are you new to Screaming frog?

As a newbie you might face a bit of trouble to get started with the tactics. However,  Navigating screaming frog is not rocket science, nor easy peasy. It is a matter of experience with hand-on outcome. SEO professionals are using this strategy by setting up the tool into smart devices. However, this way you can create easy configuration for a smooth crawling experience.

Set Up Screaming Frog 

Novices and newbies find obstacles and difficulties in building and running Screaming Frog. In this blog, we will guide you on setting up the tool and making arrangements for a trouble-free website crawling experience.

Likewise, the sizes of the sites vary. Bigger websites need more memory to stock website data and process the data secured by Screaming Frog. Before you start crawling, do not allocate your entire RAM (Random Access Memory) to Screaming Frog, as your system might crash. As suggested by Screaming Frog, you must have 2 GB less data than your RAM.

likewise, if you allot more RAM to the program, restart your system to take up the changes and start crawling. 

Set Suitable Custom Layouts  

You need to adjust the layouts for Screaming Frogs to work with proficiency. The tool’s default layout settings register the ‘basic’ mode. You can regulate the specific custom arrangements with the help of Screaming Frogs. You have to first click the ‘Configuration’ option and, then ‘Spider’. You can use the tool for larger websites with around ten thousand URLs. Thus the tool helps you to save time and, memory on your hard drive by doing the work altogether.

As well as it is best to configure the SEO spider to scan particular URLs under specific parameters. You can easily remove files and subdomains and, create expressions to work on only specific URLs.

So, it is vital to configure your spider to the specific needs while working on a more extensive website.

Significant Screaming Frog Features:

  • Crawl Path Report

You need to click on the subject URL and, then on ‘in links’ to have the SEO Spider find a URL. The ‘in links’ option will help you to get back to the source in any problem.

Crawl Path Report is easy to avail. Right click on the URL, then on ‘report’ and, then on ‘crawl path report’. You will see how a URL was found out during a crawling process.

  • List Mode

There is an option to list and, crawl all the URLs. Also, you can apply 500 URLs to the free version. You will get a specific set of URLs in this Mode. Then, you can optimize the URL with on-page and, other SEO techniques.

You may find the broken links, 301 and, 302 codes, page loading speed, etc. Then, you can send the list to Google Sheet or Excel.

  • Automatic Redirects

It is tiring to manually maintain the redirects in case of migration. You will better set up the 301 redirects. Furthermore, screaming Frog eases the entire process to audit redirects. The ‘always follow redirects’ option helps you to check the process to reach the targeted URL.

  • SERP Mode

Screaming Frog enables you to upload the title and, Meta descriptions to measure the character lengths and pixel widths. You can take a look at the on-page SEO techniques and make any changes. SERP Mode especially helps the bigger ecommerce sites with their on-page work and URL issues.

How can you be sure of the outcome? 

Step One; List Your URLs

Get the complete list of URLs you want to check in a single text/ CSV file. It is important to ensure the full URL (including HTTP:// or HTTPS://) of the page moreover, that should contain the backlink to the website. Sace the category as a .txt or .csv, or have it copied ready to be pasted. 

Step two: Configure the Custom Source Coder.

Open up tool and navigate to ‘Configuration > Custom > Search’ via the top-level search.

However, there will be a custom filter configuration window, from the several options available, You will be able to figure out what works the best for you; however, my preference would be to select ‘Does Not Contain’ in the filter one dropdown, then enter your website URL in the text input field.

Step Three; Upload the URL List  

as well as on the top of the toolbar, click ‘mode’ and, select ‘list’. Next, click ‘from a file and, browse to where you saved your text or CSV of URLs in Step 1 or paste in the URLs you have copied.

The file reader will instruct you how many URLs it found in the file you have uploaded. If it was “0”, go back and check at the list of URLs and, check they are all formatted OK.

Step Four; Prepare and Crawl  

Click the ‘Custom’ tab. Then, select your chosen filter from the filter drop-down on the left, and view the data in real-time!

Step Five Review 

Hopefully, the output will be blank moreover, that means that all the backlink locations contain my site link; however, if some are listed. You can find why your link is no longer present.


Apart from these, also the Crawl of AJAX Websites is another important feature of Screaming Frog. Often, sites miss these options as they remain latent. A few of these features are paid versions.

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