Technical Specifications and Major Benefits of 6 KVA Online UPS

Nexus 6 KVA UPS

Nexus UPS Online is one of the swiftest growing UPS manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in India. They are a system-driven organization where its proficient team merges experience and professionalism and serve its clients in the best possible way.

Banking on the skills of their experienced team of professionals, Nexus are influential in providing a supreme quality range of 6 KVA Online UPS.

Nexus 6 KVA UPS

Nexus 6 KVA UPS is designed for essential power safeguard required even in the most unstable power conditions. Some of the major highlights of 6 KVA Online UPS are as mentioned below:

Automatic Internal Bypass

In the event of a UPS power overload or fault, it supplies utility power to the connected loads.

ECO Mode

In good power conditions, this operating mode bypasses unused electrical components to achieve high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection.

Emergency Power Off

Connect the device to an Emergency Power off (EPO) system to turn off the power in an emergency.

Hard Wire Input

The 6 KVA online UPS needs a tough wire input in order to deliver maximum output wattage to protected equipment

Nexus 6 KVA UPS Online Features and Benefits


High Productivity

High productivity rates remain constant even at lower operating power levels.

Smart Slots

Tailor-made UPS capabilities with management cards

Management Software

This allows you to easily monitor the utility power and manage your UPS.

Generator Compatible

When generator power is used, it ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment.

ECO Mode

In good power conditions, this operating mode bypasses unused electrical components to achieve high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection.

Double Conversion online Topology

Ensures a constant high level of power quality. Any disruptions in the distribution waveform are regenerated using the zero transfer time AC to DC then DC to AC conversion process.


Pure Sine Wave Output on Battery

Simulates utility power to ensure maximum compatibility with active PFC (power factor corrected) servers and responsive electronics.

Safety-agency Approved

Make sure that the 6 KVA online UPS has been tested and approved to work safely with the connected service provider equipment and within the specified environment.

Nexus UPS is the Leading Manufacturer and Dealers of 6 KVA Online UPS

Install single phase 6 KVA UPS wherever the load is 6 kva. The load is almost never three-phase in nature.

Nexus UPS manufactures the 6 kva UPS listed below.

6 kva UPS with single-phase input and output

Online UPS 6 KVA Price

The price of a Three Phase 6 kva UPS differs significantly from the price of a Single Phase 6 kva UPS.

Because it contains three transformers at the output, three sets of IGBT, and numerous protection devices, the price of a 6 kva UPS (3 Phase Input and 3 Phase Output) will be higher than that of a 6 kva UPS (3 Phase Input and 1 Phase Output).

Most of the customers are unaware of the distinction between three and single phase.

Customers always ask for a UPS 6 KVA price when they call. Our experts’ next question is about phase, and they explain the difference between both three phases and a single phase to him.

Major Application of 6 KVA UPS

Computer/IT Load

CNC Machine

Embroidery Machine

Laminating Machines and many more other machines.

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