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The Best Areas for Students to Live in Adelaide.

You’ll discover the right location to live in Adelaide if you have access to many high-quality and economical housing alternatives.

Almost 4,000 students reside in and around Adelaide’s central business district. Because most campuses are in the city, you’ll be able to walk, ride your bike, or take the free inner-city tram or bus to and from your lessons.

If the university is situated outside the city or you prefer to reside in the suburbs, you have many alternatives. You’re never more than a bus, rail, or tram trip away with public transportation spanning the whole metropolitan region.

• University-managed housing 

• Student housing explicitly designed for students 

• Residential colleges 

• Student hostels 

• Private rentals

University-Managed Housing

Some colleges offer university-managed housing, which includes a variety of amenities and services. These are generally on-campus or close to school and provide fully equipped accommodation.

Some (or all) food and utilities were included in university-managed housing costs. They will frequently have personnel on hand to help kids.

Student Housing Designed for a Specific Purpose

For your first year in South Australia, choosing the proper housing is crucial. For purpose-built housing for the exclusive use of students, you might wish to select a high-quality Student Accommodation Association (SAA) member.

In Adelaide, you may select from several privately-owned student lodgings. These are located off-campus and provide a wide range of services and accommodations, including fully furnished rooms.

Colleges with Residential Programs

If this is your first time living away from home, a residential college may be able to assist you in making a move. Residential colleges generally include a private, fully furnished room, tutorial programs, study assistance, pastoral care, and a welcoming community, and fully prepared meals in dining halls and shared standard kitchens.

Residential colleges offer a warm, varied, and inclusive environment where you will be encouraged to achieve your goals. It’s a location where you’ll establish lasting friends thanks to social events and activities.

Student Hostels

Student hostels provide a cost-effective accommodation alternative where you’ll be responsible for cooking your meals and splitting the cost of utilities like gas, water, and electricity.

Most hostels provide a furnished bedroom (either private or shared) and access to public areas such as bathrooms, laundry, kitchens, and lounges.

Rentals for Individuals

You may rent a house on your own or with pals if you wish to have more independence. If you rent privately, you will be responsible for all utility bills and food preparation.

Though you can discover private rentals that are entirely or partially furnished, you are typically responsible for furnishing your furniture.


The University’s Accommodation Service is an excellent location to start looking for where to live. Students can discuss Best Assignment Help Adelaide and Assignment Help Online service providers from Australia for accommodation options. From getting picked up at the airport (if you’re a qualified student) to locating temporary housing and eventually acquiring a permanent home, the helpful staff can lead you on the proper path.


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