The Best Electronic Medical Records CounSol Software for Therapists!

Keeping track of patient information and health records can be challenging without proper electronic medical records software. Feature-packed medical software systems, such as CounSol Software, effortlessly centralize patient records, streamline daily practice tasks, and help therapists improve operational efficiency. It is a top-rated web-based ambulatory service provider with robust features like insurance claims, appointment scheduling, medical billing, task, automation, and client notes. counsel software efficiently complies with HIPAA regulations and is best suited for independent therapy clinics. 

The platform offers tailor-fit solutions for therapists. Its comprehensive patient portal feature allows patients to schedule visits, request prescription refills, write inpatient journals, and pay bills. Solo practitioners can easily file insurance claims, process credit cards, and send secure messages to some or all of their patients with just a few clicks. The software also offers online video and chat options. In addition to this, there are pre-built templates for treatment plans and progress notes, which make it easier for therapists to document patient encounters. 

This medical software solution also sends automated appointment reminders and alerts to patients. Its iCalendar syncing feature is lauded by users for streamlining the entire patient scheduling process. It makes it easier for practitioners to automate administrative tasks to optimize clinical efficiency. The software also helps strengthen the patient-doctor interaction so you can deliver the best patient care possible. Moreover, it offers policy agreements, forms, and medical terms, which patients can easily read and fill out online. 

Top CounSol Software features mentioned in user reviews 

CounSol EHR reviews suggest that it is the best web-based solution for private counseling practices. Listed below are the features that have received multiple positive mentions from users. 


CounSol EMR software offers a HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution that enables providers to offer private live video and chat sessions. Hence this all-in-one platform offers tools and services designed exclusively for counselors and patients who prefer online video counseling sessions. Therapists can easily set up video conferences with the secure patient portal without downloading any additional software. These sessions can be conducted on laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. 

Patient scheduling 

Another highly appreciated aspect attributed to this software solution is its patient scheduling feature. This feature alone makes the CounSol EHR pricing worth it. It enables users to improve practice efficiency while also increasing the revenue cycle outcomes. Medical providers can use the software’s admin calendar for both business and personal purposes. Not only this, but patients can also schedule appointments based on the availability of their providers. What’s more, they can choose between phone calls, online video sessions, in-person visits, or chat sessions. All in all, it helps clinicians schedule and reschedules appointments, send automated appointment reminders, verify insurance eligibility, gather copays, and examine patient contact information with just a few clicks. 

Claims Management  

CounSol simplifies the entire claims management process for its users henceforth they can create, submit, and resubmit their claims. The vendor collaborates with a third-party clearinghouse to make the claim submission process as simple as possible. You just have to open a clearinghouse account and enter your details into the software. This feature has received perfect-starred reviews from users.   

Patient portal 

The patient portal is one of the best CounSol EHR features. It is praised by users for improving patient engagement by ensuring secure, HIPAA-compliant communication between patients and providers. Patients can use this feature to pay bills, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, access lab results, view health records, and get follow-up notifications over the internet. They can also receive electronic appointment reminders via text messages, email, or phone recordings. Patients can easily communicate their needs to your clinic without having to wait for business hours. You can also schedule a CounSol EHR demo to evaluate this feature in real-time. 

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Automated Reminders  

CounSol EHR reviews suggest that this therapy-specific medical software solution allows clinicians to send automated appointment reminders to their patients up to 72 hours in advance. This way, in addition, your patients can have sufficient time to confirm or reschedule their visits if they cannot show up on a particular day or time. Overall, it helps you reduce no-shows, send out alert notifications, and organize your meetings promptly.  

CounSol Software reviews: What do users say about it


  • The medical software solution is easy to use.   
  • CounSol.com is a feature-packed solution that helps users streamline their day-to-day practice tasks. 
  • This therapy-specific solution offers enough versatility and customization options.  
  • The automated text reminders are a great way of increasing patient volume and reducing no-shows. 
  • Patients can use the software’s HIPAA-compliant patient portal to participate actively throughout their care process. 
  • It’s a user-friendly platform with a comprehensive suite of features, including a client portal and video conferencing capability.  
  • This HIPAA-compliant software is a one-stop-shop solution for all your billing, scheduling, and reporting needs. 


  • The software requires a significant amount of manual labor for migrating patient data from another EMR software.  
  • Some users find it a bit difficult to navigate and mention that it requires a lot of clicks.  
  • The billing process can be a little difficult to understand but you do get the hang of it once you start using the system.  

CounSol software pricing  

CounSol EHR pricing plans are flexible enough to fit the specific administrative and financial demands of different therapy clinics. The vendor offers four different price range options. They include:  

  • $59.95/month for Premium   
  • $69.95/month for Premium Plus  
  • $44.95/month for Standard  
  • $54.95/month for Standard Plus  

CounSol software is a powerful therapy-specific EMR system. It offers a variety of features to help clinics elevate operational efficiency and deliver quality patient care. This online solution is an excellent software choice for counseling practices who are looking for a system that is both feature-packed and affordable. With greater functionality and fewer clicks, this software solution helps therapists reach their goal of improved workflow efficiency, streamlined documentation, and simplified scheduling. Furthermore, we recommend reading as many CounSol EHR reviews as possible to decide if this product is the right fit for your practice needs.


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