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The Best Ideas For Master Bedroom Split Canvas Prints

Are you looking to redecorate your master bedroom? Split canvas prints are a great way to create a big impression in your bedroom with only one piece of eye-catching wall art. Split canvas wall art can be made using several various approaches. However, split canvas prints are not the most effortless artwork/paintings to work with, especially when printing a photograph with people in it.

You might even end up compromising the quality of the picture if the image is not split right. You might be wondering about the best spacing options for hanging split panel canvas prints on the wall. Attaching printed canvas artwork to a wall is simple, but it can get a little more complicated when your image is split across three or more wooden frames. Let’s take a look at how you can use split print canvas to give your bedroom a hint of color in a non-conventional way:

Master Bedroom Split Canvas Prints Ideas 

Multi-panel canvases, also known as triptych canvas split prints, are an excellent method to maximize ample wall space. The panels in a triptych canvas are more extensive than a standard canvas. This is a crucial point to remember when purchasing split panel canvas paintings to create a focal point in their rooms.

The printed image is mounted over three box canvas frames rather than a single wooden frame to produce a split canvas wall print.

One of the milestones of a homeowner is to have a beautiful master bedroom. Having an adequately completed master bedroom is now considered to be a significant milestone in life. The days of having a bare room with no decorations and an isolated mattress are gone.

By paying more attention to detail in your signature sleeping room, you can give your house a grown-up makeover. The décor in a master bedroom is considerably distinct from a second or third bedroom. It’s intended to exude luxury and tranquility.

After a long day, unwind with this soothing night light that projects star constellations onto the ceiling. We’ve gathered expert advice with popular wall art designs to provide you with several easy ideas for sprucing up your master bedroom.

Making Use of the Landscape Images

Because these images are typically taken on such a large scale, they are great for large split canvas wall art pieces. One of the best features of such canvases is that they capture minute details. The closer you look, the more you’ll be impressed. Consequently, you’ll have split canvas wall art that represents a unique instance in that picture if you choose to use a landscape image.

Choosing the Perfect Size of Canvas

The best way to determine the correct spacing for your split print canvas is to place them on the floor and play around with their placement. Examine the artwork from a variety of angles and get input from others. Then, when you have decided on the best spacing, measure it and use the measurements to precisely replicate the design on your wall. 

Before you begin drilling, make sure you have a tape measure and a pencil on hand to draw out the right fit. Make sure you check and double-check measurements, so you don’t drill holes in the wrong place. It is best to have someone else help you align and hang the three-piece wall art.

Are you hesitant to make a firm commitment? If you have an ever-changing personality, wall art is ideal for you! Wall artwork is totally disposable, so it may be changed on a whim.

Choose a unique work of art as your first purchase and then swap it out for something new later. When it comes to décor, 2022 is all about taking risks. So with a piece of contemporary abstract art, tap into your artistic side.

Modern Bedroom Wall Art Ideas 

Geometric prints are an excellent option for a popular collection that goes with almost any current décor. Geometric and modern art canvases are brimming with abstract, vivid forms that will be in vogue in 2022. Choose between a bright or neutral set based on your present color scheme.

You may also choose a design that mixes subtle, neutral hues with a bright accent color. When it comes to your master bedroom, balance is critical. You can have a mature, sophisticated atmosphere while still incorporating playful elements. Geometric wall art is an excellent method to showcase your sense of style while ensuring that the space looks unified.

Your master bedroom should be a sanctuary. Don’t clutter or overload this area with mess and confusion. Instead, be purposeful in your decoration. For example, choose wall art that makes you happy without drowning your space in color. It’s critical to find the right balance of functionality and style.


The wall art that we choose for our master bedroom significantly impacts the room’s overall look. For master bedrooms, split canvas prints may radically change a room’s aesthetic. The best part is that you may choose from various styles or make your own if you like. However, all of this will only work if you understand how to select the best painting for your wall.

The best ideas for master bedroom prints are the ones that evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity. They should also be visually pleasing enough to command attention, but not so much as to overwhelm you with information or creativity. We can help you find what will work in your space by providing an abundance of options from which you can choose the perfect one for your needs. Order Split Canvas Prints from our canvas factory today!

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