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The Best Solution For Newspaper Advertising You Never Knew About

Newspaper Advertising Agency

There’s no denying the benefits that come with newspaper advertising. Serving more objectives than one, newspaper advertisements have brought plenty of brands to the limelight. While their impact tends to last for 24 hours, brand awareness and reach are perhaps a guarantee. However, this is only possible through the services of a newspaper advertising agency.

This is due to a series of considerations that arise.

  • Choice of newspaper
  • Advertising rates
  • Placement & positioning
  • Creative issues
  • Date of release, etc.

Before newspaper advertisements are even released, businesses must give importance to these factors. This is because they have a direct impact on the outcome. On the other side of the coin, not many are familiar with the nitty-gritty of the advertising world. How do I create the best results based on my current budget and the availability of newspaper advertising mediums?

Businesses rarely have an answer to this.

That’s where the services of a newspaper advertising agency like Bookadsnow come into play.

Bookadsnow: The Answer to Successful Newspaper Advertising in India

Backed by 30+ years of experience, Bookadsnow is a popular online ad booking portal operating under Lookad India Pvt Ltd. However, it has collaborated with notable national brands like Linc and JK Tyre beyond helping them book newspaper ads online. At the same time, it has also worked with medium and small-scale regional brands that seek to make a strong impression in their own respective geographies.

Being a user-centric platform, it provides tailor-made strategies with effective long-term solutions.  

Readymade templates add convenience

Another great advantage of choosing a newspaper advertising agency like Bookadsnow is the presence of readymade templates. These are mainly popular for ad categories such as obituary ads and notice ads. Without the tension of creative issues, you can choose from a wide range of templates to create an appealing newspaper advertisement. The in-house team takes care of the rest.

Best newspaper advertising rates online

Advertising rates can be the deal-breaker between a brand and success. And for good reason too. In this regard, Bookadsnow brings you the advantage of its long-standing relationships with several media outlets. These have been maintained and cultivated with time, a strong plus point.

But what does this have to do with the best newspaper advertising rates online? Well, these relationships can be leveraged to get you a better deal. Bookadsnow negotiates with publication houses to provide the most competitive rates – making sure you get the best rates at one address.

Top placements to ensure maximum impact

Every space, position and page carries its own significance. As we already know, the front page is deemed the most effective for visibility. But the back pages can be equally useful (since a newspaper is typically folded and that can also be effective). This applies to all sections within a newspaper and advertisements can perform better in the process. Bookadsnow’s expertise ensures that you get the most lucrative yet cost-effective placements for worthwhile expenditure.

Provision for last-minute ad-booking

Time is everything in today’s world. By choosing Bookadsnow, you can expect a guaranteed on-time ad release when booking newspaper ads online. But it doesn’t end there. Bookadsnow also extends the advantage of last-minute bookings in situations that are time-sensitive in nature. For instance, an obituary ad definitely calls for an urgent release. Such cases bring out the flexibility of Bookadsnow.

With benefits like these, choosing a newspaper advertising agency like Bookadsnow is completely worth it. It is familiar with the best tips & tricks to complete objectives, promote awareness, and boost ROI. And even better, the entire ad-booking process is truly a simple affair (with end to end ad booking guidance).

For all things newspaper advertising, there’s no better name than Bookadsnow.

Book your newspaper ads online today!

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