The Canada PR eligibility 67 points calculator

The 67 points calculator is used by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for assessing the eligibility of immigration applications under the Federal Skilled Worker program. The FSWP was the first immigration program to objectively evaluate the candidates. It is today among the 3 programs for skilled workers managed under Express Entry System.

A score of 67 points makes an applicant eligible to file an application for Canada PR Visa. The eligibility calculator has a maximum of 100 points allocated for candidates. You must note here that you will be unable to file an application for Canada PR Visa if you cannot score the minimum 67 points.

FSWP Selection Factors

The Federal Skilled Workers Program has the following selection factors for the 67 points calculator:


Candidates in the age group 35 to 18 years can score higher points. Their points score declines with the increase in age. You can obtain a maximum of 12 points for the age factor.


Candidates can secure good points if they have worked for 12 months consecutively 30 hours weekly and full time. If you have 6 or plus years of work experience, you can qualify for the maximum 15 points for this factor.


The tests for language include French and English. Applicants who can prove proficiency in language tests have more chances of performing well in the calculation of points. Those who have familiarity with both languages have more chances of scoring higher.

  • Tests for the English language: IELTS and CELPIP
  • Tests for the French language: TEF and TCF

You can obtain a maximum of 28 points for the language factor.


The educational qualifications of candidates are assessed by evaluation of each degree/diploma that they have obtained. The assessment process is aided by regulatory agencies, usually by the WES – World Education Services.

You can obtain a maximum of 25 points for the education factor.


Candidates who wish to obtain points under this factor must have a valid offer of a job from an employer in Canada. The job offer must be valid for at least 1 year and for a full-time position.

You can obtain a maximum of 10 points for the job offer factor.


If you have a relative residing in Canada, this can offer you extra points. You can secure a maximum of 10 points if you fulfill this criterion. It must be noted here that this is not a mandatory factor for selection.

Total cost for Canada PR from India

Immigration to Canada is a highly affordable process globally. Permanent Resident immigrants are offered almost all benefits offered to citizens of Canada.

Average Canada PR Visa Fees in INR

PR Applicant Fees


Single candidate






Family of 3 (Husband, Wife, and 1 Kid)



Family of 4 (Husband, Wife, and 2 kids) ₹2,00,221


The Total cost for Canada PR from India is variable based on the chosen immigration program. FSWP and PNP are the best pathways for Indians.

The basic fee for Canada PR Visa in INR applicable for both PNP and FSWP is as follows:



Education Credential Assessment



CAD 207 – 280

CAD 275

Medical Examination

INR 5,100 per person (variable)
Clearance Certificate from Indian Police

INR 500 per person

Application Processing fee (CAD 825) and fee for Right of Permanent Residence (CAD 500)

CAD 1,325

Including your spouse or partner – Application Processing fee (CAD 825) and fee for Right of Permanent Residence (CAD 500)

CAD 1,325

Dependent Child

CAD 225 per child

Canada Express Entry Draws

The Government of Canada conducts a draw under Express Entry roughly once in 2 weeks. The latest trend is that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is conducting Express Entry draws once every 15 days i.e. fortnightly. The frequency of 15 days can change for Canada Express Entry next draw prediction. But at least 2 draws are held every month.

The most crucial factor for the Express Entry application is offering accurate and complete details/documents and obtaining ITA. You cannot file an application for Canada PR Visa through Express Entry if you do not get an ITA.

For receiving an ITA, you have to secure the specified cut-off CRS score for an Express Entry draw. You will be competing with several eligible candidates in the Express Entry pool for this.

Nationwide Visas will endeavor that your profile gets highlighted in the Express Entry pool. Our ICCRC accredited Immigration Experts will thoroughly asses your profile, highlight its best features, and ensure that you secure the maximum eligible score. In this way, your chances of obtaining the ITA are optimized. Book your consultation with our Experts today!

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