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The difference between the one who loves you and the one who values ​​you

The difference between the one who loves you and the one who values ​​you:

There is a difference between loving someone and esteeming them. But what is this difference?

I love my computer, it keeps me busy when I’m bored,

I can use it as a distraction, and it normally does what I tell it to, but I wouldn’t say I necessarily value it.

It’s just a computer! It’s great when it works the way I want it to,

but as soon as it stops and starts having issues I look to replace it or upgrade to something new and better.

Conversely, I highly value certain data on this computer, such as texts that I have written with my heart, for example. I don’t want to lose them and I will do whatever it takes to keep them.

The difference between the one who loves you and the one who values ​​you

To be loved is good, but to be esteemed is so much better.

Often we are more concerned with the fact that someone loves us than we forget how important it is to be esteemed and valued.

To be esteemed means that you are appreciated for your role in another person’s life. It means that she respects you and respects how you feel.

She doesn’t put you down, she doesn’t make your accomplishments seem insignificant, and she doesn’t dump

you when something better comes along. She really cares about you.

Don’t stay with someone because they string together cute love words that make you feel special share your good morning images, and take care of you if their actions don’t match.

Don’t stand on the sidelines waiting for someone because they tell you they like you,

but follow those sweet words with an excuse that they’re not ready to commit to a serious relationship yet. a relationship with you.

Don’t waste precious days of your life trying to get his attention.

You don’t deserve someone who just likes you, but someone who values ​​you for who you are and what you represent in their life.

You deserve not to be taken for granted. If you live your life with the values ​​of trust, respect, and love,

You shouldn’t settle for someone who doesn’t fully invest in you without having those same values.

You deserve better

You deserve someone who knows how important you are,

How much you are worth. You need to know your own worth in order to be treated right.

Your values ​​should be all that matters to you and more important than someone liking you.

It’s important to realize that the person you’re dating says a lot about how you feel about yourself.

By dating someone who doesn’t value you, you show others that you don’t value yourself as much as you should.

You can’t constantly wonder what you’re doing wrong, why this person isn’t as invested in you as you are with them when you let go of your values ​​to get their love.

Do stay longer

You shouldn’t stay with someone who doesn’t fully trust, respect, or love you, just because you’re afraid to let them go, hoping they’ll change.

You would only be compromising your values ​​and internally diminishing your self-worth.

You may hope that the strength of your love will change what you mean to that person,

but love isn’t meant to change a person into what you want them to be.

Someone may love you, but that doesn’t mean they’ll show you the respect you need and give you the relationship you deserve.

Know your worth and practice your values ​​before someone else compromises them. Sometimes you just have to start where you are at by loving, and caring for yourself.

Then you’ll start to see your true value come back up.

You will then see how important you are and how important it is to be with a man or a woman who values ​​you for what you are!

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