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The downsides of FRP panels no one talks about – Install PVC now!

Author Bio – Jack Jonas was looking for high-quality wall panels. He wanted to replace the FRP panels with something better. Jack decided not to invest in the FRP wall panel and opted for PVC. Jack brought Duramax’s PVC panels and replaced the FRP wallboard with high-quality vinyl material. He was delighted with Duramax PVC Panels and highly recommended them.

Did you know businesses have stopped installing FRP panels and switched to a better wall cladding material? Many businesses have incurred heavy losses by installing the FRP wallboard. There was a time when FRP wall panel was a huge favorite, but there are several downsides of the wall material that have made entrepreneurs look for a durable, sustainable option. The vinyl panels have proved to be an ideal replacement for FRP in more ways than one. The high-quality vinyl wall panels are ideal for clean and damp-free commercial applications. Grow rooms, dairy parlors, fisheries, marinas, shipping containers, riding stables, shelters, and many more commercial applications have installed PVC wall panels over traditional FRP. Here are a few reasons why PVC is the preferred choice.

FRP panels – The recurring expenditure makes them a bad choice 

Did you know the FRP panels are highly vulnerable to callbacks even after the perfect installation? The FRP panels bring recurring expenditure as the wall material rot, mold, attract moisture, peel off, and delaminate. The FRP panels also lose their luster and sheen quickly. The FRP panels turn yellowish and get discolored very fast compared to PVC. The FRP panels require repeated repairs and repainting after they start fading within a few months. The recurring expenditure to maintain the FRP panels is expensive and makes the wall material unsustainable in the long run.

On the other hand, PVC wall panels are a one-time purchase and have no recurring expenditure. The PVC panels last 45 to 50 years post-installation, devoid of any repair callbacks. For 50 years, the PVC panels need no repainting or repairs, saving a lot on maintenance expenditure. The PVC wall material does not peel off, delaminate, rot, mold, or absorb moisture, unlike the FRP wall panel. Unlike FRP, the white PVC panels will never get discolored, turn yellow or fade or stain. Installing PVC panels is a sustainable choice and a one-time investment.

High-cost FRP installation is cumbersome and laborious 

Installing the FRP wallboard takes 2 days, and you need to purchase adhesives, rivets, and wooden backers and hire 2 skilled laborers for the entire setup. The FRP panel installation is laborious, expensive, and time-consuming. The FRP panel cost is low, but the installation is more than double the material cost. On the other hand, PVC panel installation is a 1 personal job and requires no additional material charges. The all-inclusive PVC panel kits arrive in 2 weeks and the installation gets simpler with the help of the step-by-step guide. The PVC panels get installed within 7 hours by a single contractor, but you can speed up the process by hiring 2 laborers and getting the job done in 3 hours only.

High-maintenance FRP panels are a burden on the finances 

Maintaining the FRP panels will make the utility bills go up higher. The FRP panels require professional heavy-duty maintenance that gets expensive with time. Rather than FRP, install low-maintenance PVC panels that are washable and cleanable. A damp mop, soap, and bleaching agents make PVC cleaning simpler and easier. The PVC panels don’t require regular cleaning, and professional assistance is unnecessary for the upkeep.

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