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The guide to professional cleaning of carpets and textile floors

Specific techniques for the regular maintenance and intensive cleaning of carpets

 Carpets and textile floors have many advantages for communities. They offer high-performance sound and acoustic insulation, effectively meeting comfort and safety requirements. Warm the atmosphere and add a personal touch to a decor. 


This safe bet can even serve as an aesthetic communication medium to create a brand identity in hotels, offices or shops. Textile flooring, however, requires maintenance like all surfaces.

This guide informs you about treatments, carpet maintenance products, and specific techniques for the regular maintenance and intensive cleaning of textile floors (carpet, rug, etc.).

Why maintain carpet and textile flooring?

Carpets and textile floors made of natural or synthetic fibers (wool, sisal, coconut, acrylic, polyamide, polyester, viscose, etc.) require different types of maintenance. In addition to cleaning by vacuum-brushing to remove dirt , superficial and localized stains must be periodically removed and the fibers thoroughly cleaned to restore the original suppleness of the coating.  

In the busiest places, the greasy particles which stick to the fibers are not completely removed by the suction. This is why it is important to clean a carpet or a textile floor . This operation restores its original appearance and revives the colors. The carpet treatment must be with accordance to the frequent action of the premises (between 1 to 6 times a year) and allows to space out the basic cleanings by delaying the fouling.

How to detach a carpet?

If the stain is fresh, immediately lay several sheets of paper towel over it to absorb any excess material or liquid. Do not rub concentrated ecological stain remover.

  • Quickly and perfectly removes fatty and lean stains
  • Deodorizes smelly stains
  • Spray de 500 ml

Spray carpet stain remover. There is a wide range of stain removers that are effective on both greasy and lean stains, or adapted to the stain: gourd, grease, ink, plants, blood, milk, egg, rust, etc.

Important: When you notice a stain, we must remove it quickly or you risk seeing a mark appear. Always treat stains before completely cleaning a carpet; the result of stain removal will be even better.

 How to deep clean a carpet?

There are several methods, mainly using a carpet cleaning machine , to remove difficult stains, regenerate and refurbish the fibers of textile floors.

 Injection extraction

The cleaning of carpets by injection extraction is carried out with a  vacuum cleaner injector extractor which sprays a carpet cleaning product (water + detergent solution) and then sucks it up.

The wet shampoo

This method consists of applying a carpet shampoo to the area to be cleaned after carrying out a complete dusting and cleaning with a mechanical brushing action. It requires a low-speed mono-brush equipped with a carpet brush. You will also find on our online sales site intended for professionals cleaning accessories to transform your machine into a shampoo applicator with the shampoo kit for mono brush.

The dry moss

This detergent, also called crystallizing shampoo, uses a mono brush to apply and is based on the spray method. This professional cleaning requires a single operation with low wetting of the carpet and drying is fast. The carpet product acts by capillarity and forms a crystallizing foam which makes it easier and quicker to intervene.

Powder for dry cleaning

Composed of absorbent micro-sponges, it penetrates deep into the fibers and cleanses. After distributing the powder on the area you want to clean. There are various brushes you can use (broom, rubber broom, manual brush, vacuum cleaner brush). You should leave them to act, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove the dirt in the powder. While the carpet is being treated, you may walk on it. It is suitable for lightly or moderately soiled surfaces. For heavily soiled surfaces, it will be necessary to repeat the operation one or more times or to prefer injection-extraction.


Steam cleaning (steam mop, steam cleaner ) comprises sending pressurized hot water steam. It eliminates all impurities and unwanted odors with no chemical detergent: mites, grease, dust.

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