The Most Popular Games in America

Popular Games in USA

The most popular games in America are some of the most well-known games worldwide, and they’re also some of the best games ever made. So what games are on everyone’s lips these days? Which video games have taken America by storm? Here are five of the best video games played by Americans today (in no particular order).


Even though it’s seen as a children’s game, Monopoly is still an incredibly popular game among Americans of all ages. With a World Championship held annually to determine who will represent their country, there are millions of people playing and engaging with Monopoly every year. This timeless board game has been keeping families and friends engaged for over 80 years now, so it’s safe to say that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There are even brand-new variations and styles available; you can get your favorite television shows into board game form! Super Mario Bros.: From classic games on the NES to today’s hottest games on PS4 or Xbox One, Nintendo has been entertaining generations of gamers for years.


Although it’s far from being as popular as it was decades ago, baseball is still one of America’s favorite pastimes. It was most popular during World War II and remains so today. Major League Baseball has 30 teams throughout North America, with each team playing 162 games per season for a total of around 1,430 games. Football: Other than baseball, football is perhaps best known for being the ultimate American sport because every year millions of people watch football in stadiums and millions more watch on television as two opponents battle it out to see who takes home a national championship title.


The most popular game in America, Scrabble is played by over 6 million people across America each year. It’s a good game for vocabulary buffs and doesn’t require too much skill or strategy to play well. Check out some of our tips for how to win at Scrabble, and then try your hand against other players on your mobile device through Words with Friends or Scrabble app. (iTunes Google Play)


The most popular game in american is soccer. I personally do not understand why soccer isn’t more popular, but it really is growing and has been since 2008. I think you will agree that Soccer is a good game, but not as good as baseball or American football because of all of these amazing facts: 1) Soccer games only have one goal (2 if it’s a tie). 2)In soccer there are no rounds like we see with baseball and other sports. 3)Soccer does not have timeouts like football and basketball, so you can’t sit on your couch for 3 hours watching playtime happen at a fast pace.

Trivial Pursuit

The game of Trivial Pursuit is one of the most iconic games to come out of North America. People have been flipping cards, grabbing pie pieces and answering questions since 1984 when it was first released. While it’s been out for over 30 years, do you know which game was most popular that year? It wasn’t Trivial Pursuit. There were other board games released that year, including Snakes & Ladders, Mastermind and Operation.

Cards Against Humanity

Over a hundred trillion games have been played of Cards Against Humanity, and a great number of them have been played by children. The game is marketed as inappropriate for children. It is well known that college students play Cards Against Humanity (and even high schoolers), but many parents would be horrified to learn their kids are playing it at home. This game takes most players about 90 minutes to complete, depending on how many questions you do. Depending on which version you get, there may be expansion packs available. There is now an adult version and new cards come out each year or so. But what makes Cards Against Humanity such a popular game?


With seven million copies sold, you’d have to go a long way to find someone who hasn’t played Uno. This is a great card game for kids because it teaches basic logic and strategy. If your child enjoys Uno, he or she may enjoy other logic games like Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. These are more complex strategy games that require a lot of thinking (and sometimes planning well ahead) but reward you with high-level play.


It’s a strategy board game, yes, but it’s also not a classic board game. You probably know of it if you grew up in North America—but even if you didn’t play it as a kid, there’s a good chance you at least heard of it. If your first guess was Chess, though, you aren’t alone—even though chess is one of America’s most popular games right now. In fact, Chess and Checkers are typically lumped together on lists like these. So which of those top slots belong to American favorites? Keep reading to find out!


Is it a dice game? Or is it a card game? This question leads to a discussion about rules. Are there no winners or losers, or are there winners and losers? The answer might be yes to both questions. Yahtzee, despite being called a game has rules that vary depending on where you play it. It can also be played competitively against other players, as well as against yourself – meaning only one person plays at a time, but they might be trying to beat their own score. There are many different flavors of Yahtzee; games that don’t even have dice!

Candy Land

This is a fun, imaginative game for kids who are just starting to play board games. You’ll travel through a magical fantasy land, exploring new and colorful places with your friends. Candy Land is good for children ages 4 and up. And it’s recommended that you try not to eat any of that candy when you finish playing! This game requires 2-4 players.


For people who like it when something that seems easy gets progressively harder over time, Jenga is for you. It’s a bit more difficult to explain than other games on our list, but it’s one of those board games where you have to remove pieces from a tower that’s been built with wood blocks, and carefully pull them out without knocking over your stacks or making any noise. It can be played indoors or outdoors (we prefer outdoors because it gives you a great excuse to lay down on some grass while trying not to shake apart whatever building is under construction). While Jenga can be played alone, we recommend playing with others—that way if you accidentally knock your tower over your friend will be there for support.

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