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The Must-Have Features in a Healthcare Mobile App in 2022

A modern healthcare mobile app is expected to have different features. And for that, one must do the research perfectly. Today, there are apps covering almost every industry and catering to all the needs of various audiences requirements.

Slowly and subtly, technology is poking its nose into everything that can affect our lives. It can be education, the way we commute, communication and socialization, or maybe healthcare,and there is nothing wrong with it. Healthcare mobile apps, however, are becoming a dire need of the hour. There are a few avenues that offer excellent coverage in the healthcare domain. And that is where a feature-rich healthcare management mobile app is required.

In major online stores, there are already thousands of mobile apps available. A few researchers strongly suggest this. There were precisely 53,979 healthcare mobile apps available for the iOS market, with an approximately 4.86 percent increase when compared to the previous quarter.

Similarly, the Google Play app store was not far compared to its competitor in hosting healthcare applications. Another study focusing on healthcare apps tells us that 53,054 mobile healthcare applications were present for Android users in the first quarter of 2021. Seeing a 6.51 percent increase when compared to the previous quarter.

Enough stats, maybe? Let’s have a look at what healthcare app development features you must have in your app in 2022.

Ensured security of data

As we are progressing, we are becoming more and more dependent on technology, which is why data security is imminent. In a world where the internet is accessible to everyone, the threats have increased exponentially, and every digital system now has a strategy that focuses on this aspect.

It becomes even more important when dealing in a few sensitive industries such as healthcare. The Healthcare industry’s data is perceived as the most important, and if fallen into the wrong hands, it could have dire consequences. To ensure this privacy and data security, ask your healthcare mobile app development company to leverage end-to-end encryption models. Battle-test the app for breaches and attacks and conduct penetration tests.

Quick, cloud-focused solutions

Health is above everyone and everything, and if there is a need for speed anywhere, it is for the healthcare application development. When building health-focused mobile applications, quick processing must be the topmost criterion because critical health conditions cannot wait.

For swift processing requirements, cloud-based solutions become a necessity. Whether it is a display of data or connectivity with a health professional, the cloud is a must-have feature for mobile healthcare apps. The need for quick data processing and fast mobile apps will never go out of fashion.

IoT connectivity

With widespread internet usage, the focus on personal healthcare has suddenly increased. Wearable devices such as wristbands and watches have played a vital role in making the masses aware of their health and monitoring it.

The ease of monitoring your heartbeat, blood pressure, calories burnt, breathing rate, and other such vitals has allowed them to take care of all these without spending on expensive medications. These IoT devices, if linked to an application correctly, ensure perfect results, and if you are planning to develop an app, you must consider this feature.

Medication reminders

In the healthcare app development industry, the biggest use can be of the feature of medication reminders. There are billions of people around the globe that are prescribed medications on a regular basis. It is common for them to forget to have medicines on time. This could have a negative effect on their health.

A modern healthcare mobile application must-have feature that reminds the users about their medication timings and, through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), suggests which medicines they should take and the purpose behind taking them. It will not only lessen the load on medical practitioners but also enable them to deal with more critical patients.

Online medicine delivery

A few things are necessary for humans to live and be productive; one of them is medicine.

While most of the drugs are required and readily available in offline stores, online delivery and prescription verification still remain a challenge for many. That is why an amazing mobile application that provides such services must be built to help a large audience.

Common medicines such as paracetamol and others are easily found and bought by those who need them. Still, many specialized medicines are often hard to find and track. That is where a centralized system would be of great help, allowing the patients to order the medication from anywhere while sitting at home. This is a common feature in most on-demand mobile applications now. Integrating this feature is not very expensive, and you can further optimize the budget by choosing app developers in Los Angeles over other regions because of their economic development rates.

Easy appointment scheduling

Another significant hassle that patients face is that they have to wait in line to get appointments with doctors. Although there are various web applications and systems that let users schedule an online meeting, there is no large-scale app or system that caters to this very issue.

For this, a unique mobile app can be built, allowing the users to get the best services through their mobile devices. These help schedule their appointments with whomever they want and whenever they want. Easy appointment scheduling is undoubtedly a modern-day need.

Live medical assistance

Medical assistance is a critical factor that plays a vital role in maintaining a smooth medical and healthcare process.   Live medical assistance can allow doctors and healthcare staff to carry out their operations smoothly. Especially in areas like managing the workload dealing with patients with acute requirements in remote, distant areas with fewer mobility options.

Remote diagnosis & analysis

In the healthcare app development process, another critical feature that needs to be comprehensively taken care of is the commission of machinery and equipment. We need these to initiate remote diagnosis and analysis. All this is linked to a mobile app that shows the assigned doctor with all the vital factors and points. These assist them in making a decision that suits the situation better.

Since a lot of investment is required to kickstart this process, prominent players of the healthcare industry need to step up and begin with such initiatives that help the common people. These steps allow less privileged to trust them better and build lasting faith in the capabilities of technology.


The world is seeing rapid innovation as it has never seen before. From automotive to data management to healthcare to edutainment to fintech and more, every domain is seeing advancement. In the midst of this fast-paced, happening environment, there are a few must-have features for healthcare mobile application development.

These features are important, but it is not necessary to incorporate them in one app or a system; instead, these are the features that can help the end-users the most and add significant value to their life.

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