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The overall concept matters: SEO and web design

Modern search engine optimization and web design are linked like yin and yang become clear once. You have tried to succeed with a superficially programmed website. The most beautiful website is useless if there isn’t a sophisticated SEO strategy behind it.

Nowadays, the amount of information obtained on the Internet is immense. If you don’t type in exactly the right search terms, you’ll quickly lose yourself in this oversupply of websites. Therefore, only the competitor who has understood the interplay of web design and modern search engine optimization can stand out. And this is finally rewarded with one of the top rankings on Google or other search engines.

It is not for nothing that websites are seen as the calling card of today’s digital age. No other means of advertising can be used in as many different ways as a website. Because it serves as a figurehead for companies on the Internet. It should lead users to their destination within a few clicks. From simple one-pagers to complicated pages with emotional content or just simple designs. Here you have to be clear about what you want and what purpose.

One could quickly assume that a website is finished as soon as it is programmed and designed. But this is not the case: when a website goes online. The optimization only begins. Therefore, it is of great importance to have a professional partner at your side. Whose expertise lies in search engine optimization.

In the following, we want to go into the SEO itself: What does that mean, and what measures does it include?

SEO is the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization.” This summarizes the measures that help increase the visibility of a website. And its content for users in search engines. This can be done through on-page optimization, link building, Google signals, etc.

The websites are evaluated based on this information by so-called web crawlers, such as the Google crawler. The largest of its kind. The more information the crawler can obtain about the website. The more precise and appropriate the SEO measures are, the better the site’s placement on google.

However, each measure has different effects on SEO. The biggest differences between these lie in the amount of time they take. And the time it takes for results to become visible and, above all, measurable.

What influence do these measures have on your website, and what do they mean in detail?

Let’s start with on-page optimization: With on-page optimization, a web agency can ensure that page speed is rapidly improved and user-friendliness is increased. As a result, crawlers feel comfortable on the site, and the site rises in the SERPs. A means to achieve this is clean SEO texts that offer added value.

It continues with link building: This is at least as important because only a few websites manage to be in the top search results on Google, just with strong keywords. Link building, i.e., the construction of backlinks, is one of the secret SEO measures that can bring the website to the top positions in search engines faster.

Now to the right keywords, because these should not be underestimated: They are particularly important for the Google crawler. Like the other measures described, they are scanned and processed daily by the Google crawler. Not sure which keywords to use and which to avoid? A healthcare marketing agency specializing in SEO can remedy the situation and carry out extensive keyword analysis for you.

Based on these measures, you can see how important a comprehensive overall concept of SEO and web design is for the success of your website. Furthermore, not only the content of a website is important – the signals sent to the outside, i.e., those that the crawlers can obtain, also contribute significantly to the success of your website on the search engines.

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