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The PVC hospital wall divider and panels are better alternatives to the FRP

Author Bio – Jason Miller was looking for a hospital wall divider for his clinic. He found that the hospital FRP wall panels started peeling off within a few months and needed repairing. Jason wanted a more durable wall material and chose Duramax vinyl panels. He was highly pleased with Duramax’s customized dividers and panels at affordable rates. He highly recommends the Duramax experts and their top-quality products.  

Medical facilities thrive on cleanliness. There is no space for compromising on hygiene and sanitization. That’s why installing the PVC hospital wall divider and panels is non-negotiable. Earlier, the hospital FRP wall panels were a common choice, but now times have changed and so have preferences. The vinyl material is considered a far more durable and hygienic choice for medical facilities. The traditional FRP panels are taking a backseat as there are numerous drawbacks to the wall material. Vinyl panels are the contemporary choice that’s here to stay. Here are a few reasons why vinyl wall panels are the better material for medical facilities.

PVC is easier to install 

Installing the hospital FRP wall panels takes two killed laborers, 2 days, and additional materials. These make the FRP installation expensive, time-consuming, and full of hassles. On the other hand, installing a PVC panel is far easier, affordable, and requires less time.  

PVC is simple to clean 

The PVC hospital wall divider and panels are extremely easy to clean. The PVC material is resistant to harsh chemicals making it easier to clean with detergents, bleaching agents, and soap.  On the other hand, the FRP wall material has a rough surface prone to staining, and the maintenance gets difficult. Professional assistance is necessary to clean the delicate FRP panels. The FRP material is also susceptible to callbacks for peeling off, delaminating and rotting. That’s why, choose PVC over FRP to lower maintenance costs and ensure minimal upkeep.

PVC is more affordable than FRP 

 Initially, the FRP panels might look cheaper, but the heavy-duty maintenance with repeated repairing can shoot up the expenses in the long run. Installing vinyl panels is a more cost-effective choice. The vinyl panels are highly durable and don’t require repairing, repainting, or professional maintenance for at least 40 years. Vinyl panels are more like a one-time heavy investment worth every penny for quality, durability, and hassle-free maintenance.

PVC panels are customized and certified 

The vinyl wall panels are a certified choice. Premium quality PVC panels also have ASTM certifications, making them great for medical facilities. In addition, the vinyl panels ensure safety, non-toxicity, and good fire-resistivity for keeping the place hygienic and safe under all circumstances.

Ask for a quote 

Get the premium-grade vinyl panels from Duramax. The high-end wall panels come at low factory prices within 2 weeks. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation today.

Summary – Are you looking to shift from the hospital FRP wall panels and get a more functional wall material? Choose PVC hospital wall divider and high-quality panels. The PVC wall material is durable, 100% waterproof, and fire-resistant. The vinyl panels are quick to install and easy to clean. The high-end PVC panels made from virgin vinyl arrive customized in simple DIY kits.


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