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The role of education in modern society

What is the role of education in modern society? Thinking about this question, I remembered myself – a schoolgirl, and they are still immature on this issue. It was the early 90’s. The last century, the time commonly referred to as the “90s” … the time when, in the context of universal “survival”, the fundamental change in the value system, or so to speak, was destroyed. At a time when, in the opinion of many, spending time on education became meaningless, because the education received, in most cases, could not provide a decent standard of living to its owner.

The importance and necessity of education

Considering the importance and necessity of education, I decided to find out what kind of education my forefathers had received. turned out that some of them, although they were originally a farmer, received elementary and even higher education. It was through my education that my grandfather became the head of the district post office and my grandmother became the secretary at the State Bank.

It turned out that my family also had officers, a history teacher, a school principal, and a collective farm chairman. Mother’s education was also appreciated in the upper ranks, one of her relatives R.Ya. Malinowski became a Soviet marshal. It turns out that no matter who a person really is, education elevates his status in society, and makes him an object of imitation and respect. After reaching this conclusion, I made a firm commitment that I would continue my education after graduation.

So what is the role of education today?

At this time, as in every age, education provides man with the guiding principles of life, influences the formation of his worldview, and ensures the continuity of language and traditions, thus stabilizing society, and national identity. Plays a role in shaping and protecting it. Ethnic culture.

In addition, the social role of education in modern society has increased significantly. According to most researchers, it is education that is becoming a major factor in shaping a new standard of economy and society today, and the prospects for the progressive development of mankind depend largely on its direction and effectiveness.

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It is quite clear that overcoming the crisis of civilization, and solving the most complex problems of a global nature, is directly related to the development of education, which can and should provide cultural dialogue through its means of intellectual communication. ۔ “Let’s save civilization!” – This is the basic principle that has become fundamental in all spheres of public life, including education.

Scientific and technological development

High rates of scientific and technological advancement and the widespread proliferation of information technologies have radically changed the nature of production, affecting the qualification requirements of modern specialists. 

Today’s workers must not only have some special knowledge but also be as mobile and analytical as possible. In addition, the active development of technology and the rapid depletion of knowledge in many fields of science and technology requires the constant professional development of a specialist.

Thus, in today’s ever-changing world of information. It is no longer possible to regard education as merely an ideological combination of knowledge. In a situation where the most important value and real capital of society is the individual. The goal and product of the education system should be human intellect and personality.

Using the Internet

Thanks to modern technology, the availability of information has increased significantly. Any special knowledge can be acquired using the Internet without leaving home. In this regard, the task of modern education is not to fill a person with a certain amount of knowledge. But to form modern thinking and develop the personality of the student. 

Modern society needs ethical, businesslike, sociable, and tolerant people who are capable of mastering new knowledge. Making independent non-standard decisions with effective analysis of their possible consequences.

Finally, I would like to note that, among other things, education helps man to understand his destiny. It does not allow a man to be disappointed in the reality around him. It is an active creative activity. Stimulates In the new, unknown modern world, education helps a person achieve more. Has a positive effect on his self-esteem, and therefore moral and mental condition.

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