The Ultimate Guide to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Do you remember when you began managing those first Facebook and Twitter accounts? What was the number? Two, three? (buy Instagram story views uk)It was like a gentle breeze, a stroll through the park, and floating in the air of creativity.
Let’s go back to where you’re managing several Social media profiles. Maybe 10+? The gentle breeze quickly turned into a brick swinging around that continued to smash your head. It doesn’t matter if you manage many Facebook accounts for clients with different needs or multiple social media accounts for one company. There are no longer butterflies and rainbows. It’s swimming or sinking.

Social media manipulation

Good news. It’s possible to return to being a stroll through the parks. It’s not that difficult. Similar to any other significant task, the management of multiple social media profiles and staying healthy is about being well-organized. The key is to find the best efficient method to accomplish each task and create beautiful and transparent procedures.

How come managing multiple accounts on social media is such a challenge?

According to my experience, the most challenging part is making the content and working together with your team. We’ve all been through the messy process of finding the fantastic range, putting together an Excel calendar and then emailing everyone to ask for feedback, moving around the office asking for feedback, only to find that nobody responded with a kind note after receiving the input and not knowing what was changed, then spending hours revising it, and then having those posts go live!
If it’s Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, Take a look and see how absurd the manual approach to managing many social media accounts is:

Social media management is a process within an agency team

If you’re running this kind of procedure to manage multiple social media accounts, have a look at the process and look at every step. (buy Instagram story views uk)Then, throw everything out and begin to think of creating a new efficient procedure and ensure that every minute of your team’s work time is dedicated to something significant which helps move the needle.
To accomplish this that, we recommend professionals in the field of social media map out the following aspects:

  • Management of accounts and organization
  • Content planning
  • Calendar of content
  • Collaboration
  • Approval workflow
  • Automatic Publishing

We have suggested the categories above. However, due to our experiences and conversations with social media managers, these are the most painful problems of managing multiple accounts on social media. These processes can hinder agencies from accepting new customers, customers who are happy outsourcing social media, and the quality of the created content.

Management of accounts and organization

If you decide how you’ll manage and organize the social media accounts within your portfolio, it is essential to be mindful that your process must be as straightforward as possible. There’s more to it than publishing content across many social media accounts. It would help if you thought about your clients, their profiles and brands, the teams on your side, the side of your clients, and the way you navigate between these accounts.
For more precise information, the client’s profile is various brands and social accounts. Separating them is a challenge. It is impossible to open as many incognito tabs, and you can use multiple browsers. This is the place where Planable can aid. (buy Instagram story views uk)The design of the workspace helps make managing clients and brands effortless. It is easy to create your workspace when you adopt an entirely new brand. You can manage several social media accounts just like walking in the park.
Additionally, you can grant access to a different group of users to each workspace you set up. Of course, the people on the client’s side will be distinct, but what about the ones from your team? Many social media companies assign different groups to every client following the market, according to their individual preferences, personality and tone of voice. This is extremely easy when you can join them with just one click.

Content planning

After you’ve learned the art of separation, organization and navigation, you’re ready for another step, which is planning content. Writing and preparing content is lots of work, and an expert in social media would like it to appear in the best way it can and attract the highest amount of followers. To achieve this, the team you work with and your client’s team need to view the final result as precisely as possible and make educated choices.
A lot of agencies put much effort into this accuracy. For example, many social media experts publish on test pages or, more importantly, utilize Photoshop to make mock-ups. (buy Instagram story views uk)This type of effort is likely to be admired by every user. However, the time spent on this could be put into creating more social media accounts or more engaging content.
We had to face this challenge, and it was the base upon which Planable was created. If you’ve made one post on Planable, You’re aware that the platform is designed to function in a similar way as the social media platforms you intend to publish on.

It’s also crucial to require a simple method to read through the articles. It is a way to instantly know the status along with the go-live date, some of the basics like the page they’re intended for.

Calendar of content

Content calendars are generally jam-packed spreadsheet that has numerous rows and dates. However, it doesn’t look like a calendar. It should be easy to understand what the posts look similar to, the number they are, the type they are, and how dense each day is. It should offer a straightforward method to move these posts around to balance the plan.
While working as a social media manager, I made my life easier by posting three times per day – three different posts. I would’ve liked to overview how bars are created and then adapt to the changes.

In addition, my job would’ve been much simpler and less executed when I could have a method to make the posts and drag and drop them into the calendar. However, spreadsheets weren’t able to do this. It was necessary to use spreadsheets since many of my colleagues worked on similar spreadsheets and were required to stay on the same page and provide advice.


As we’ve seen, managing multiple accounts on social media can become a significant hassle. But, when you have involved teams, the process becomes more complicated. Simple things like collecting feedback and obtaining feedback, which is crucial to be effortless, can become an obstacle. The method of requesting feedback via email is one of the things that social media managers detest the most. The biggest problem always occurs when they contact everyone to ask for feedback.
It’s not an issue because of the many differing opinions. It’s more so since it’s an email that grows such a long time that you’d believe it was a hair on Rapunzel’s hair. For more: socialfollowerspro
What teams in social media must do to manage the multiple social media profiles:
Defined roles and responsibilities
The ability to set permissions for each team member (create and approve, give feedback, review, etc.)
A platform to view the content in its context ensures that feedback isn’t subject to interpretation but rather refers to an outcome that everyone can agree on.
A system that informs all users of progress, status and updates
A version for control.
Also, I’m wondering if you ever get involved in the spreadsheet. Doc debate? If so, you know. If not, I’ll explain: the issue stems from the inability to track changes. Many spreadsheets don’t permit users to track changes, and Docs can’t handle tables well. This is a discussion we’d like to stay clear of!

Approval workflow

How do you manage multiple social media accounts when the approval process consists of just one click? Quick and efficient, that’s the way!
The workflow for approval should:
Be practical, but not dissuade anyone to speak up
Be honest and trustworthy so that your client will feel at the ease
Create alignment between team members as well as between you and your client.
We’ve previously discussed how irritating email threads can be. When you need to approve, the results of a flawed process could be as severe as the loss of a client due to inconsistencies. When all feedback and approvals are made by the person who approves, follows and is accessed with just one click, there is no chance of instagram story views uk

Automated publishing

It’s not an unwelcome surprise. All of this is useless If you can’t publish your content automatically on this same system. To emphasize this once more, If you want to print by hand, there’s only a limited number of incognito windows that you could use.
This is the definitive guide to managing several websites and social networks… without getting crazy and keeping your clients satisfied. Please let us know if you think we’ve did not cover any information.

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