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The Ultimate Security Seal Guide

Seal tags are used to protect different articles and detect unauthorized access or opening in the closure. These are a little different from the locks that are intended to use for one time only. These are technologically capable of identifying the intruder and this is what makes it an effective product.

In the early times, the security seals were intended to be used only once and that too they had to be cut to open the seal. These security seals used to have a strong disposable seal lock.  But such seals are very easy to get tampered with. It was easy to hide the breakpoint, modify the identification mark or substitute the products. 

But this scenario has been changed. And there are other options to pick from. Let’s see what are the factors that shall be kept in mind before choosing a seal tag. 

In this guide, we are going to explain each point that you should have to remember while looking/buying security seals.

The Ultimate Security Seal Guide

Consider the following points while choosing a security seal for your business.

1. Determine your needs –

The security seals come in a number of sizes, and shapes, and every seal is made for a different purpose. You need to understand your needs and pick accordingly. It is necessary that you choose a seal tag that fits your device that is easy to use and has an appropriate system that is easily understandable for everyone who will need it to fulfill the purpose. 

2. Choose a seal tag that fits your device –

The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a seal tag is that the security seal fits your container well. This will ensure its appropriate usage and safety at one end. In case you are unable to find a security seal that suits your device you may go for a customized one. There are a number of firms that make customized seals. This is super important because it is ultimately your responsibility to take care of your product and ensure full safety. Bharat Expo Feeder is one of the leading security seal manufacturing company in India.

3. Ensure appropriate security and strength – 

You will need to understand the kind of security you need for your container and the kind of strength the security seal requires so that you could convey the same to the seller. You will also need to understand the cost that shall be invested in plastic security seals. It is very much possible to spend a lot or very little on the security seals. You just need to analyze the market and be smart at it.    

4. Use a manageable locking system –  

You need to choose a tag that ensures the safety and can be managed easily. It should be within the capacity of the user to use it and remove it as well. Also, you need to keep in mind that in case some special product is required to use the seal, it should be easily available. Also, a cost analysis should also be kept in mind.  


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