The very status of knowledge is changing

Knowledge evolves. In each discipline, Diploma of IT and processes are transformed and enriched by digital technology. All school subjects are no longer sufficient to cover the knowledge necessary for human beings in the 21st century . century. It is necessary to take into account new knowledge Diploma of IT, to articulate them between them through the transdisciplinary complexity.

The very status of knowledge is changing: we now speak of “knowledge societies”, in which knowledge has become an economic good. New knowledge is constantly appearing, of which the school is no longer the sole repository. Its mission can no longer be reduced to the transmission of an established corpus. It is now necessary to learn how to learn and acquire the skills that will make it possible to implement this new knowledge. The capacity of an educational system to integrate these dimensions is a condition for the success of educational policies.

Networks encourage the building of knowledge together

The digital society is marked by networks, which transform the way of accessing information, of communicating with others, of working together. Networks encourage the building of knowledge together. They disrupt traditional hierarchies, organizations, including education systems. The latter must be able to allow themselves to be transforme by this organization into networks.

The school is traditionally individual: it develops individual knowledge, trains individual intelligence, individual memory, assesses each student individually, and teachers work individually. And yet, today’s society increasingly requires collective skills, the ability to work with others, to collaborate. Digital technology strengthens collective intelligence, memory and skills. Education systems must take this dimension into account.

9Thus, it is both technologies and the societal context that require rethinking pedagogy, because traditional pedagogies cannot be transpose identically in network situations. We do not learn using mobile tools (tablets, smartphones) in the same way as in a classroom or with a desktop computer. The integration of digital technology into education requires the development of appropriate pedagogical strategies: taking into account the new relationship to space and time brought about by digital diploma of information technology; articulating individual learning and collaborative learning; suitable for mobile tools; pedagogies for learning in networks and on networks; personalized pedagogies according to the characteristics of each learner; lifelong learning pedagogies, etc.

Approaches and views on digital technology in education

10We have made the choice, in preparing this file, to solicit contributors from the five continents, in order to present to the reader a diversity of statuses, approaches and views on digital technology in education Diploma of IT. This variety, which is by no means a scattering, makes it possible to understand. The complexity of digital technology in education.

The dossier thus offers the results of national surveys (Ethiopia, Nigeria), observations and qualitative. Interviews in two establishments (United States), studies of pilot projects at. The scale of a territory (Australia, State of Victoria ) or an establishment (England), the presentation. A national program (Argentina, South Korea, the Netherlands), an exchange between experts and practitioners. These case studies are supplement by a bibliographic study carry out.

Measure the gaps

While the digital revolution is often associated with digital globalization, the articles from Ethiopia. And Nigeria on the one hand, and South Korea and the Netherlands on. The other, allow us to take the measure of the current digital divide. When, in the Netherlands, the question concerns the integration of students’ personal digital instruments. Into school educational practices, in Ethiopia only about 20% of secondary schools are connect to the Internet at present. As in Nigeria, remote access to resources is limit in higher education.

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