Things to Consider Before Buying Reimer Volumetric Mixer

Reimer Volumetric Mixer

Concrete delivery companies can rarely afford downtimes. If they do so, they have to face issues with timely deliveries. That is why it is important for them to use concrete mixers to produce concrete quickly. They would also give you the flexibility to accommodate a last-second change. Ensure to follow some critical steps before buying volumetric concrete mixers.

Volumetric mixers are large truck that carries concrete on chassis with all necessary raw materials like aggregates, cement, water, chemicals and sand. Depending on where you are going to use , the mixture specification varies. The chute of the concrete mixer helps in pouring concrete to the desired location. Reimer Volumetric mixers are extremely popular for various domestic, commercial and industrial applications of all types and produce the exact amount of concrete without wastage.

Benefits of Volumetric Mixers 

Volumetric mixers have a prominent role in  a wide variety of construction projects and repairs. From building highways, roads to building pools.
You do not need to worry about scheduling work during night because you can take mixer anywhere even during night. Working with volumetric mixers means getting total control over your project and managing quantity. Without delaying any project, you can maintain quality and quantity.

A volumetric mixer has the capacity to produce up to 90 yards of material per hour into the system which means once loaded, you can use mixers for multiple projects and pour a significant amount of concrete into far-flung areas. Without having set up a remote batch plant, you can mix the concrete manually. You should know how to choose your volumetric mixer trailer or truck. Here we will explain to you a few things to consider before buying them.

Design Quality

If a mixer has no proper structure and have flaws in its design, it impacts the overall performance .It will also impact its retain value. Ask relevant questions to the manufacturer related to a mixer design.

  • Does the mixer have sloped sides for a free flow of materials while retaining a low centre of gravity?
  • How the place of conveyor belt place ascertained and is supported from the location of the bin.

Functional Longevity

  • Check the location of the water tank
  • Location of the hydraulic motor
  • The method of steel preparation
  • Type of steel gauge used in the conveyor and aggregate bins.
  • Location for the bin supports and vibrators.

Technical Support Service and Post-Sales Support

It is critical to find sales and support from time to time after you buy a mixer. Since it is not a small machine and most of the time it is a one-time investment, you should know the support service of the service centre.  Ask relevant questions to find out about the start-up support for workers and operators. Know about the training classes and You should know how an entire sales process work and what a manufacturer sells and does not cover. All these things account for taking a final decision before you plan to buy.

Starting Method of Concrete Mixer

Always choose a mixer that is easy to start and handle. Look for its starting mechanism. You can choose anything between an electric, diesel or petrol The electric start variation is an easy option, but not suitable for remote areas where electricity is the concern. Having access to electricity is paramount for electric engine concrete.  Choose according to the requirement of your construction project and its location, the environment and easy access to electricity and fuel. So, consider all the above factors before choosing a concrete mixer.




We're changing the way the world pours concrete. Backed by 50 years of innovation, ProAll delivers the flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use that can only be achieved by a ProAll mixer. Welcome to an exciting new era in concrete production.

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