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Things to know before buying PPC Cement

Just like buying a home requires mindful planning, buying a cement too calls for dedicated research and understanding. For that, you have to know what kind of cement is suitable for which type of home. And what specific purposes do they serve? If you are looking for a top-quality cement, then look no further than PPC cement. PPC cement stands for Portland Pozzolona Cement. This type of cement consists of  fly ash from clinkers and other sources. Fly ash is produced as the by-product during the combustion of coal at thermal plants. The presence of considerable proportions of fly ash in PPC cement makes it a sustainable alternative. 

In order to buy PPC cement, you need to educate yourselves with its features, advantages/ disadvantages and usage. We will explain these three aspects in great details in this blog. Furthermore, you will also find the anwaerto the most concern among users- Which is the best cement brand in India to buy it from?

Features of PPC Cement

When you go through these characteristics of PPC cement, you will know why it is in constant demand amidst builders and homebuyers.

  • PPC Cement is environmentally-friendly and causes less waste. As a result, it contributes to less pollution.
  • The cement has high tensile strength which corresponds  to Grade 33 Ordinary Portland Cement.
  • It serves as the best material for plastering walls.
  • It can withstand sulphate attacks which makes it best suited for building hydraulic structures, marine structures, dams, etc.
  • Since it is siliceous by nature, it is very economical and reduces cost on your pockets.

Uses of PPC Cement

When you go to buy PPC cement, it is also essential to know its applications and usage. These are the places normally PPC Cement is best suited for

  • Masonry
  • Mortars
  • Plastering
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Underground basements
  • Canals
  • Bridge piers

Pros and Cons of PPC Cement

Just like any other cement material, PPC too has its shares of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing these things beforehand can help you make an informed choice in the near future.

Advantages of PPC Cement

Resists water- Most PPC Cements contain this soluble compound called Calcium Hydroxide that can be converted into insoluble cement ingredient. The material turns impervious that blocks the seepage of water.

Low heat generator– The heat of hydration generated by PPC cement is lower when compared to other grades of cement

High strength– The micro cracks formed in this cement are low, therefore it possesses a good amount of strength.

Disadvantages of PPC Cement 

Low alkalinity– This can result in corrosion in some steel bars.

Long setting time- As compared to other brands of cement, it takes a long time to set and mature.

The best brand to buy PPC Cement is from MP Birla Cement. MP Birla Cement is known to be one of the best cement brands in India. It has earned a good repute among architects, engineers, builders and homeowners due to its high-quality and innovative products. Exclusively for PPC, it offers MP Birla Cement Ultimate that is a premium brand of PPC Cement as it assures immense durability and leak-proof construction. To know more about this cement, visit the website of MP Birla

Now that we have discussed everything you want to know about PPC Cement including the best cement manufacturers in India, we hope that you choose the right material for your home. 

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