Tips and tricks to clean a hotel room fast

There are many tricks to quickly clean a hotel room and make it completely spotless in a few minutes ; We will tell you which are the most effective tricks so that you can try them.

There are many tricks to quickly clean a hotel room and make it completely spotless in a few minutes; We will tell you which are the most effective tricks so that you can try them.


During seasons with a high volume of visitors and tourists such as summer, the rooms must be ready to receive guests quickly; however, sometimes this task can be delayed for various reasons.

Among the most common causes of delays is a high level of clutter. For these situations, we bring you some tips that can help you carry out a quick and efficient cleaning.

How to clean a hotel room?

Currently, ‌cleanliness is one of the most important points that all hotels must attend to. With the pandemic still in force, the hotel sector and hostelries have to emphasize sanitation, not only to protect guests but also workers.

However, considering this point, is it possible to learn how to professinally  clean a hotel room in 20 minutes? The answer is yes. The reputation of the business must be maintained, for this reason, consider the following tricks to carry out an impeccable job:


The first thing you should have is a cleaning strategy. The maid or server is not the only person involved in the sanitation process. It could be said that it is a joint effort with the laundry and management areas. We must coordinate these sectors to carry out a cleaning strategy that allows the action to be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Ventilation and waste cleaning

One of the steps you must consider to learn how to clean a hotel room is ventilation. Before you start with the bed and bath, you want to make sure that all areas of the room are properly ventilated. To do this, both doors and windows must be open to allow airflow.

You can also make use of products such as ozone purifiers to improve air quality. After this step, you have to concentrate on eliminating any residue, garbage, or element that is on the shelves, floor, drawers, etc. It is that the trash cans in the bathroom and those scattered around the room are emptied.

Eliminates dust on furniture and glass

When you have already cleaned the waste and ventilated the room, you can sanitize all the furniture. This task seeks to remove dust particles from sofas, chairs, televisions, shelves, tables , etc., since these are places where these particles accumulate more frequently.

Use specialized disinfectants to eliminate any type of bacteria and microorganisms that may remain attached to the textile material or to the surfaces of the room. This same action should be done with all glass, from mirrors to windows.

One thing to keep in mind during cleaning, which includes mopping floors and vacuuming, is that the bathroom is cleaned last. This is because they are trying to prevent bacteria in this area from spreading to other parts of the room. 

Arrangement of beds

Another of the tricks to quickly clean a hotel room is to check the labels of the covers and bed sheets so that their change is much easier. By knowing their exact size, you can replace them more easily and quickly. We must well lay bedding out and clean; try to cover all the spaces of the mattress.

To prevent mattresses and pillows from getting stained, place protectors to maintain the durability of these items and prevent different allergens from damaging them.

We hope that this article with tricks to clean a hotel room quickly has been interesting for you. Do not hesitate to visit our site and blog to discover more useful tips on the sector.


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