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Tips and Tricks to Create Emails with High Conversion

The covid-19 pandemic had an immense impact on the way businesses communicate with their clients. More and more businesses are betting on digital marketing, thereby resulting in a bunch of new trends. For instance, email marketing has never been so popular and now it has already become a part of our daily routine.

As the best social media advertising company, it is certain that you will face a few challenges in spite of this great news. You need to know how to surpass your competitors with the help of suitable email marketing strategies. This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article as a company providing social media agency services Kolkata.

Powerful things to embed in your email

Visual storytelling remains a clear trend that is going to take an increasing share of the content. Simple text is no longer sufficient, dynamic content and photos are much better perceived. But, what else do you need to include in your email so that it does not get ignored?

Artificial intelligence

Various businesses still do not understand Artificial Intelligence and implement them into their routine. However, professionals understand that it is one of the best email marketing strategies at this moment. As the best social media advertising company, you need to make use of the latest tools and free time. It is because you would not be able to analyse and collect data the way artificial intelligence will. You can use artificial intelligence in email marketing for:

  • Deleting clients that do not respond to the letters
  • Adding keywords
  • Survey optimisation
  • Forecasting using reaction
  • Creating subject lines
  • Enhancement of sending times

Animation, videos and pictures

This is the next instrument for email design. Plain text is a thing of the past and if you look forward to achieving high conversion, you need to create engaging visual content. The easiest option is pictures associated with your message, newly launched product or campaign.

As an organisation providing social media agency services Kolkata, you can also add educational clips, explanations, videos, reviews and so on. If you want to promote some software, you can use a recorder tutorial on how to use it effectively by using a screen recorder for Windows PC or Mac. Simply carry out some video editing to fix the imperfections and add titles, stickers and other elements. The best idea would be using an animated backdrop and moving icons to bring your emails to life. But, you need to be careful because these elements can impact the loading time.

User generated content

One of the most effective and simplest ways to take your email marketing to the next level is user generated content. It is free and you can use it in your letters without any effort. It refers to a proven method of converting new clients and boosting organic traffic. When including poll results, add positive reviews and pictures of happy customers. This will increase the loyalty and trust of the audience and make beautiful content at the same time. You also can encourage your users to post reviews and photos on social media and add them into your emails.

Send simple text emails from time to time

While modern emails with all videos, pictures and colours attract the attention of the reader, they are too much sometimes. As the best social media advertising company, you need to know the benefits of minimalist design and plain text. It helps to convey a message in a clear manner.

A simple text containing bullet points is easy on the eyes of the users and straight to the point. Moreover, it will certainly be a grasp of fresh air among the messages with all the whistles and bells.


If you look forward to boosting conversion, make sure to keep the personalization of your emails in mind. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and taken into consideration. So, you need to use this craving for your advance. The best way to personalize emails is to put names within subject lines. If you want to try something better, you can try the following tools:

  • Recommend related services and goods
  • Remind them of the items they have left in the cart
  • Send emails based on location for the ideal timing
  • Feature goods related to those which the users have ordered or searched for
  • Send customised promotions based on age, gender and nationality


This mode of marketing strategy has greatly evolved over years. These days emails are used not only for business correspondence purposes but also for telling stories, interacting with the audience and sharing observations. Emails are blending with newsletters and turning out to be the basis of any marketing plan. If you are an organisation providing social media agency services Kolkata, you need to get hold of making the most out of your newsletters.

Offering the audience with industry related news, tips and updates is a great way to bring added value. Add numerous trustworthy sources along with your personal story and your readers will be thrilled. Here is how you can create an attractive newsletter:

  • Understand your focus, that is the target audience you are writing for.
  • Offer unique information that cannot be found on your website, social media or blog.
  • Use third party content like quotes and links.
  • The content should be memorable and simple.
  • Make sure to add a snippet on social media for attracting attention.
  • Discuss trending topics.

Dark mode

One of the biggest trends in 2021 was dark colour schemes in digital marketing. Dark mode can be noticed in Telegram, Facebook messenger, Slack and other popular products. You can also use the dark mode in your email template notwithstanding the design and topic. Here are some of the reasons why your users will love it:

  • Dark mode decrease is screen brightness that leads to a longer battery life
  • It is not harsh on the eyes
  • It enhances content readability
  • The darker interface creates an intimate and personalize experience

Final Verdict

The last two years marked the time period of numerous opportunities and challenges. Businesses need to keep up with the difficult times not only to stay afloat, but also to beat the competition. If you look forward to getting into the customer’s inbox and whose conversion, make sure to use the tips as discussed above.

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