Tips for Lowering Your Prescription Costs

Are you aware that about eight in ten adults in the US find prescription costs unreasonable? Affordability seems to be a significant concern for the people who take more prescription medicines. Some people may not take the medications as directed due to the costs.

The high cost of prescription threatens people’s financial and healthy lives. You wouldn’t want to go into debt or see if your health condition worsens because you cannot afford the medication.

To find a better deal on prescription medications, one example is to download the free rx prescription discount card. It may help save you money. You will also get the ability to deal with life-threatening conditions and better quality of life.

Here are six interventions that can help you in lowering down the costs:

1. Talk to your health care provider

While you may assume that your doctor is aware of the costs of the prescribed medications, it is not usually the case. Your expenses on this medication also depend on the insurance coverage. If you find high costs while filling the prescription, consult a physician for less costly alternatives. Your doctor would be willing to suggest low-cost, effective prescription.

Even if we talk more, most pharmacists are not aware of the types of medications covered by insurance. So if you see the prices higher, speak to them about the alternatives.

2. Switch to generic medications

It is better to ask your current healthcare provider for less expensive yet similar or generic options of the prescribed medications. The FDA usually approves generic medications to be safe and effective. Unlike brand-name, they cost less money.

Brand-name medications tend to cost more due to the processes involved in manufacturing them. The prices also reflect the marketing or branding efforts applied to get them to the consumers.

FDA-approved generic medicines offer many clinical benefits and similar risks as the brand-name ones. The FDA requires healthcare providers to know about their counterparts’ exact dosage, effectiveness, safety, stability, quality, and strength. They also monitor both brand-name and generic medication products to ensure they meet the quality standards.

3. Take help of programs by pharmaceutical and charitable companies

Reach out to the pharmaceutical companies which have incentives for prescription to lower the medication costs. Your eligibility for these programs depends on your health and income needs.

Signing up for charitable relief programs run by national-based and community charities is crucial. The relief programs usually target people who cannot afford prescription medications at a total cost. Qualifications may vary with the health condition and your charity.

These programs may be ideal for you when you need a lifetime supply of prescription medicine. They may also work well for you if your current prescription takes a massive toll on your finances. First, however, you need to ensure that the donated or discounted medications are approved for use by the FDA.

4. Think turning into CHIP, Medicaid, or Medicare

Medicare offers optional medication coverage to cover the prescription costs of up to $4,100 each year. Once you sign up for Medicare, ensure that you enroll in this coverage. If you have a lot of prescriptions, the plan also qualifies you for the supplemental plan at separate costs.

Medicare also provides you an added coverage if you are eligible for a program known as Extra Help. Like Medicare and Social Security programs, Extra Help covers medication expenses for those with limited income. You may need to meet resource criteria and certain income to qualify for this program.

It is possibly easy to save on prescriptions if you are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). It is one of the types of programs that provide coverage to children whose families cannot afford private insurance. The program also targets kids from families whose incomes are too high for the income criteria of Medicaid.

Medicaid is a federal and state-run insurance program that targets low-income people. Children, people aged 65 and above, and pregnant women qualify for this program.

5. Split pills

Splitting your pills in half may help you save your money if your prescription medications are available twice the usual dose. For example, with the strategy, you may get a two-month supply of medicine for the price of a one-month supply.

However, it is tough to split some medications safely, and there are many risks involved with the method. Therefore, it would help to talk to your pharmacist or physician before cutting the pills in half. You must also check the package insert if the medication has FDA approval for the split.

It would help if you tried to avoid splitting pills with a small or hard outer coat, uneven shape since they won’t split evenly as you want. Also, tablets and capsules with an extended release are not ideal for splitting.

Always clean your hands to avoid contaminating the medication and use a sanitized pill-splitter. You must also talk to your doctor or pharmacist for instructions. You risk forgetting to split pills or uneven doses with this method.

6. Use the coupons and mail-orders

You must count on the mail-order service of your insurer to get the medicines for a supply of up to 90 days. It is better to plan before using a mail-order service since the delivery may take up to two weeks.

Before you make the transaction with the online pharmacy, remember to check if they possess a proper license or not in the US. It would be best to also explore the FDA’s tips before buying the prescriptions online safely.

You can also find prescription discount cards online to cope with the overwhelming medication costs. Unfortunately, few websites offer prescription costs comparison tools to help you find the best deal.


Prescription  costs do not take a toll on your finances. However, with the help of tips given in this guide, it will be easier for you to find better deals when saving money. The key here is to be savvy. You must also seek help if you incur any issue related to your prescription. Then, all you must do is, find the right free Rx discount card provider, and you’ll be able to save more money than you imagined.







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