Tips for making an international move

Moving with the experts

Moving house can be exhausting especially for an international move. When the removal is made to another country, it can also be complex. Carrying out an international move requires analyzing what items are going to be transported. Also how to prepare the packaging and carry out a series of extra procedures.

Destination of international move

The destination, the volume of the belongings that we are going to move, and the urgency condition of the ways of carrying out an international removal. That must always be planned in advance. Also taking into account the greater complexity of the moving and the procedures that we have to carry out.

Moving is always a good occasion to throw away all your unwanted items. In the case of international removals, this makes even more sense. The more items, furniture, appliances, or vehicles that are transported, the greater the complexity and cost.

If the destination is a European country, there is the possibility of making the move in a private way, by road. But, even in this case, hiring a moving company simplifies and facilitates things. It is always advisable to request a quote from several moving companies; and, in the case of having pets, make sure that the proper transportation of the animals is guaranteed.

Create a plan for your international move

The first thing of removal is to find a home. After being clear about the date of the international move, you must decide what belongings are going to be sent to the destination and start sifting. To make this selection, we must not lose sight of the fact that international removal regulations prevent the entry of certain belongings. Always depending on the country, especially moving of vehicles, chemical products, household appliances that may be dangerous or plants.

The destination of the move and the number of belongings that have to be moved will depend on the means of transport in which it will be carried out, and also the cost of the removal.

By land, sea or air for international move

Removals by road to European countries are the simplest and also the most economical: they are usually between 600 and 1,000 euros. The cost and complexity increase when it comes to transoceanic removals, which can reach up to 30,000 euros if the transfer is to countries such as the United States or Australia.

In addition to deciding which items are going to be sent to the destination and which ones are not, it will be necessary to calculate the volume they occupy, in order to determine whether the move can be made by plane or not, or what type of sea container is necessary.

Although a removal has a different consideration than the transport of commercial goods, it is necessary to be well informed and in time about the customs policy in the country of destination. Also, the taxes that will have to be paid at the moving and the procedures that we must carry out. In this case, especially, hiring a transport company that handles the door-to-door move (not just port-to-port) and the paperwork to be done at the destination country’s customs office, is especially recommended.

The correct packaging of the objects inside the boxes is even more important. Especially when the moving is international since they will be in transit for a longer time and may undergo greater movement. Making a list of the removal of objects that are kept in each box and numbering them is also recommended; This will also make it easier to make sure that everything has arrived at its destination.

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