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Tips For Selecting Pet-Friendly Furniture

Pets are not only our friends, but they are also a part of our family. Some of these lovely furry friends like to snuggle with you on the sofa while you are watching TV or sleeping on it. This is why most pet owners know how hard it can be to keep a piece of furniture in good condition when a furry pet is around. Because Drool, claws, teeth, and hair from pets can leave your furniture stained, scratched, and worn. So, for this reason, many pet owners look for couch guard cat claw protection. But another great option they can opt for is choosing pet-friendly furniture. Check out the blog to learn how to choose pet-friendly furniture.

Choose Pet-Friendly Materials And Fabric

It is extremely important for you to choose furniture fabric that is smooth and shiny when it comes to pet-friendly furniture. This is because smooth and shiny fabrics are less likely to attract fur. If you want to keep your furniture free from hair, polyurethane, polyester, leather, denim, and silk fabric materials are all excellent choices. Furthermore, think about stain-resistant fabrics when choosing sofas, chairs, and couches for your living room. Microfiber, Ultrasuede (a cruelty-free fiber), and Crypton are all excellent options. These fabrics are stain and wrinkle-resistant and super easy to maintain.

It is always advisable to choose leather or the cruelty-free option of leather if you can. It is durable and easy to clean and is not affected by a puppy’s nails unless you keep them well-trimmed, so the sofa or couch will only sustain a few minor scratches. 

Choose Suitable Colors

It doesn’t take much effort to pick out the color for your furniture. The general rule is to stay away from white and cream-colored furniture because it will draw more attention to dirt than other colors. We do not recommend getting an ivory sofa unless you have the cleanest dog in the world and are able to spend the time cleaning it constantly. If you are insistent on getting white furniture, we recommend you invest in a slipcover or some darker throw blankets to protect it. But, you should opt for darker colors. The color of the furniture can be black, brown, grey, or green because it is usually considered the ideal furniture color for pet owners. In addition, if the furniture has any dirt or hair on it, it will be hidden by the small blocks of patterns.

Buy a Sofa Protector For Dogs

Buy the best sofa protector for dogs to protect your sofa from scratches. It is as easy as placing the pillow on the sofa, and it will prevent your pet from scratching the couch.

Choosing The Right Design

Many pets are attracted to the legs of furniture as they are perfect chewing or scratching posts for them. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is to purchase furniture with metal legs. Because metal legs are not easy to bite or scratch, it is best to stick with it. You can find handmade cushions featuring superior leathers, designs, and fabrics in the market that will go well for a longer period of time. 

Cover Your Furniture With Slipcovers

Slipcovers aren’t absolutely necessary for a dog- or cat-friendly sofa, as they certainly make cleaning and maintenance easier. Give your old couch new life with a washable slipcover instead of buying a brand new one. It makes it easier for you to clean up  if your dog makes a mess. In addition, this can give your furniture a fresh look that will complement the rest of the furniture. Remember to make sure that you get one that fits your sofa for the neatest look rather than draping it.

Buy Washable Bedding, Covers, And Throw Blankets

If your pet cannot sleep without you, choose bedding that will withstand frequent washings. Also, consider purchasing a more durable mattress pad, which will protect your bed from any pet scratches. Further, when you are buying some charming throw blankets to compliment your new furniture, make sure they are not made of a fabric that is so delicate that it will not hold up to being thrown into the washer. Finally, as a pet owner, you should make sure that blankets you use in your home are durable and machine washable.

Training Your Pet 

Is your pet prone to doing harm to the sofa every now and then? If yes, then you should train them properly to modify their behavior by house training them. While it is easy to teach young baby pets, remember that older pets can also be trained. For example, if you teach your pet to go to the toilet in a litter tray, you save your furniture from trouble. A house training for your pets is tedious, but it will truly pay off in the end. 

Pet Care

Even after choosing the best pet-friendly furniture, it is possible to get claw marks on furniture. Grooming your pet will help you avoid these snafus. First, it is important to keep your pet’s coat clean and trimmed. After that, It will become easy for you to clean the sofa as there will be no hair. Regularly trimming your pet’s claws will prevent them from scratching your furniture. Whenever they have walked through dirt or mud, be sure to wipe their paws down.

Make A Pet-Friendly Space

You can also keep animals off your furniture by providing them with their own comfy, inviting furniture. An extra comfy pet bed could prevent your pet from climbing up your couch or chair. Place an alternative that is more comfortable than where you sit. Invest in attractive pet beds and scratching posts that look great in your home. So, ideally, to protect your furniture, you need to bring in your pet their own comfy furniture. 

Final Words

These are the couch guard cat claw protection and suggestions that will help you in protecting the furniture of your home. So, choose wisely and make your pet feel comfortable at home.


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