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Tips on Organizing a Marquee Summer Party.

Take out your dancing shoes. Summer is not so far away now. Be ready to throw a rock and roll party. Evening parties at open natural scenic outdoors have a different vibe. Partying under the stars with the natural breeze feels refreshing. Everyone needs a lively environment after being caught up in those cubicles for work.
Throwing a party outdoors is not a big deal now. Make a guest list first. This will give you an approximation of people to rent party tents, stretch structures, marquees, and apex frames required accordingly. Marquee parties are easy to manage and decorate. These party marquees let you explore your imagination and create a venue that expresses your style. You can experiment with the art and decor. These structures are easy to install and remove.

1. Embrace A Theme:

Summer parties become more lively if you opt for a theme party. It’s easier to get playful and creative during summer than any other season. You can party late nights outdoors during summer. A theme party keeps the fun vibe flowing through the night. A lot of party organizers offer you a Ferris wheel and other play activities on rent for parties. Explore the themes and check out what falls into your budget.

2. Keep Refreshments Cool:

The hot sun can drain all your energy, and more than eating everyone looks for a drink. Your menu items must include multiple options for refreshments. It’s good to keep yourself hydrated as you’ll be partying all day. Apart from cocktails and mocktails, organize a separate counter of refreshments for non-drinkers, kids, and teenagers. Take care of keeping your refreshments chilled all day. Make arrangements for spare refrigerators and ice chillers. You must not run out of ice. All your beverages and drinks should be served chilled.

3. Get The Dance Floor Moving:

Party means music and dance. Arrange a happening DJ corner that keeps everyone grooving all night. Prepare a collection of songs from your young age too. Your peers must enjoy the dance along with the young ones. Your dance floor should be well-lit with lasers and DJ lights as the sun goes down. Opt for a transparent marquee for the dance corner. It looks surreal at night with stars and lights at night. Arrange a dance floor to avoid uneven ground problems.

4. Create Chill-Out Areas:

After a long day of booze and dance, everyone needs a chill-out area. Specifically, elderly people get tired of loud music and dancing. Create a separate chill-out zone for people who need a time-out for a few minutes. This place will let you sit down and chit-chat with people you are meeting after a long time. You might not know but this corner is also necessary for new parents with small kids and toddlers. Your friends will be admiringly thankful to you for looking out for their needs.

5. Decorations Compliment Your Theme:

A theme party requires relevant decoration. Choose correct-sized stretch structures, pole tents, marquees, and frames. Decorate these with colored flowers, lights, and objects related to your theme. Decorations are the soul of any party place. It instantly uplifts the mood. Choose lights on the pathway that guide your guests to the different sections of your venue. Decorate natural objects like trees, shrubs, and other surrounding areas with lights. Choose the color of the lights that reflects the mood of the party. For instance, pick red colored dim lights for a romantic party. You can choose vibrant colors for a fun birthday bash, or choose pink and blue shades for the kids’ birthday parties.

6. Engaging Activities:

Nobody can keep on drinking and dancing all day. If you are throwing a party getaway for a whole day, you must pick some fun activities to keep people engaged. All these activities depend on the theme and guest list of the party. If you are throwing parties for adults, you can choose wild play games that do not require a special play area, but if your party includes kids, you need to arrange some play zones for them. These activities keep these little monsters engaged while their parents can sit back and enjoy the party with their friends.

7. Budget Friendly:

In the process of throwing the best party with the best food, music, decorations, and drinks, don’t forget to stay within your budget. Parties must be organized within your set range of expenses. You can reach out to party organizers in your town. If you want to organize everything from scratch. Check out all the temporary structure rental websites at your location. Reach out to local vendors for decorative material. Cut out on unnecessary fancy decorations, rather choose simple yet elegant options. Do not add too many items to your menu, summer parties mostly require more refreshments and drinks.

8. Have A Back-Up Plan:

After organizing and spending so much money, sometimes everything doesn’t follow your plan. Be prepared for everything that can go wrong. Have a safety medical kit arranged, and keep a transport on standby for any emergency. Arrange space generators and electricity options in case of an electric cut-out. You won’t like your guests to suffer in hot and humid weather. Keep all the necessary information about the venue handy and inform your guests regarding any special instructions in advance to avoid last-minute hustles.

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