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Tips to overcome nervousness before your Interview

Wow! Finally, you have got a call or email telling you that you have been selected for an interview.

So now what will you do? Break into a sweat? Or maybe your heart start to race faster or you ask yourself what they will ask or how you can handle this and much more. Some of these things are normal after receiving a job interview call. 

But these things can make you stressful I know it is perfectly normal to feel anxious about the experience. However, creating too much panic may jeopardise your chance of success. 

So, it is essential to calm yourself and overcome your anxiety before interview. To assist you there are some easy to follow tips to overcome your nervousness. 

Going for a job interview but feeling anxious, then continue reading below

Keep some chocolate bar in your pocket or bag 

Most of the studies have shown that chocolate bar has a significant impact on overcoming nervousness. So before going for an interview, don’t forget to keep the chocolate bar along with yourself. Wish to buy some chocolate bars? Then you can easily get some from Catch. Want to save some cash on your sweet treats? Then consider using Catch coupon code to save some money on your purchase. So now, whenever you feel nervous during the interview, take out your chocolate and enjoy it.

You are not alone 

Remember that you are not only person who experiences some nervousness before an interview. In this world, very few people can stand up and speak in front of strangers without feeling even a degree of tension. In addition, keep in mind that top actors, television presenters, senior businessmen all succumb to nerves. Furthermore, all have their own way to overcome their nervousness and to get on with the job. 

Be prepared 

Knowing that you are well prepared automatically makes you calm, and it is the best way to overcome interview nerves. In addition, bear in mind that a certain amount of anxiety in a stressful situation is healthy. Little nervousness and anticipation is good for yourself because it makes you sharper and help you perform better. However, the problem arises when this little stress is converted into a debilitating case of anxiety. For example, if you do your homework, you go to school confidently.

Your preparation plays a significant role in the successful interview, so in this way, the more prepared you will be, the more you will be satisfied, the less stressed, and the more focused.

 So, being prepared before the interview can increase your confidence. It can also help you channel your nervous energy into a positive force. Therefore, it is recommended to be prepared before the interview to overcome your nervousness.

Some essential things you must need to qualify for interview

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Business cards
  • References
  • Licenses
  • Certifications
  • Pen and notepad

Take time to gather your thought

Try to arrive early for your interview, so you have some extra time to prepare yourself, gather your thoughts, and work with your body. Try to walk during preparing yourself because taking a short stroll around the block can be immensely helpful as sitting will give you time to stew.

Take a deep breath 

If you are feeling anxious? Then take a deep breath and try breathing in for a count of four, hold for two and just live out for a count of four.  You can even do this while waiting for your interview turn. No one will likely notice it.

Furthermore, you can also take a few minutes to sit and breathe calmly in your car. If you think that it is helping you in overcoming your nervousness. Then offer more breathing exercises before your interview to completely calm yourself at the time of the interview.

Remove negative thoughts from your mind 

These are actually your negative thoughts that build anxiety in your mind. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the negative thoughts and challenge them to overcome fear. Keep one thing in mind that employers have chosen you because they wants to identify if you are suitable for the role or not. Your employer has considered you eligible enough from hundreds of others. So, you have already sailed over the first, very tough hurdle.

Think about your interviewer just like your friend

The person interviewing you is not your friend. But thinking about your interviewer just like the enemy or hostile will get your adrenaline going so fast, and it will leave your good senses behind. So, learn about your interviewer and make them into human beings, not a rejection machine. Just keep in mind that they need you, and they only want to learn about you to see if you are suitable for the job or not.

Ending words  

Knowing some of these tips help you in qualifying for the job interview because your nervousness will show the employer that you are less prepared for the interview.

Now with these tips challenge your nervousness and make yourself calm during the interview.


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