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Primary Arms Cyclops, Primary Arms Scope this optic’s 3x magnification and prism reticle makes it ideal. Astigmatism is probable since I observe red dots as artifacts when using my glasses.

My reticles are clean and sharp with no artifacts when lit by prism lenses.

As a consequence, I’m starting to assume I have astigmatism, although not knowing it. So the Primary Arms Cyclops, Primary Arms Scope is a major hit with me.


Your first impressions of a product may shape your perception of it. What say you?

Preparing The Gift

On first inspection, you’ll notice the distinctive Primary Arms compartmentalized foam used in their optical goods.

  • Everything you need is included in this package.
  • 3 Prism Optic Prism Hex Keys
  • Using a Trox Tool to Install Hardware
  • Everything is included in the kit, including the optics and the guidebook.

This Primary Arms Cyclops, Primary Arms Scope looks great right out of the box. The standard Picatinny mount lacks height adjustments like the Primary Arms SLx 1X MicroPrism.

The optic is already on the tripod. A tax wrench is also required to tighten the Mount’s two screws and two Allen keys.

A battery and two plastic flip-up lids are also provided.

After removing everything from the box, it’s time for the Primary Arms Cyclops, Primary Arms Scope.

Prism Scopes

It feels quite solid right out of the box. This scope’s all-aluminum design is a bonus.

Despite its small size, the Primary Arms Cyclops, Primary Arms Scope is tough. It’s around 18 ounces, give or take. It’s easy to hold.

Primary Weapons’ 3x Prism Scope Features

Use Primary Arms Promo Code for several characteristics Primary Arms Cyclops, Primary Arms Scopev, therefore let’s start with the 3X prism’s materials.


This optic seems to be totally constructed of aluminum.

Only a few plastic parts. They feel metal, but I’m not sure whether they’re plastic or aluminum. So I’m quite sure they’re aluminum caps.

The mount and base are now metal. Glass seems to be in excellent condition. It’s obvious. Opening the package reveals no flaws; everything seems brand new.


It weighs 18.4 ounces. I like the weight for a 3x scope.

In my view, you won’t get the weight of a little red dot from this.

It’s between an LPVO optic and a red dot, just where you want it.

3x barrels are usually placed into 16-inch rifles, including AR-15s with 13.5-pen weld barrels. It’s all down to taste.

A Primary Arms Cyclops, Primary Arms Scope is heavier than most people desire, but I doubt it was a role in your selection.


Here I think the Primary Arms SLx 3x Prism shines. The reticle on this rifle is rather distinctive.

The horseshoe is included, however, unlike the Primary Arms MD25, it has range options built-in.

Dot Adjustment

So the reticle was excellent. There are many solutions.

It can be adjusted like every other lens on the planet. The device’s height and inclination may be adjusted.

The caps come off rather easily. They have a rubber piece attached to hold it in place. Don’t worry about losing your hat. Let them dangle as you take it all in.

Of course, you’re already better. The 60 MOA total height and windage adjustments make fine-tuning the settings simple.

Power Source

The power source will be a CR2032 3-volt battery. It’s easy to replace the battery since it’s hidden in the brightness control knob.

To change your battery, just twist it off using your fingers or a knife. The battery is now rechargeable.

The Primary Arms Cyclops, Primary Arms Scope prism scope on this gadget ensures you won’t lose any data if your battery dies.

3x Prism Objective Lens Scope

The reticle is amazing. The Chevron and auto-ranging are just a couple things that make it stand out. Moreover, the 11th power’s reticle brightness is enough for both indoor and outdoor usage.

I seldom use it unless it’s very black outdoors. So I don’t mind the light.

Overall, the optics are excellent. The base is solid. It’s a solid link. I am delighted, especially with my 16′′ 5.56 rifle.

I think Primary Arms did an excellent job with these optics and hope they keep creating new prism optics and scopes to meet demand.


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