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Top 10 Most Bizarre Research Topics of All Time

Weirdest Dissertation Topics of All Time

When we are tasked to write a dissertation, we normally choose revolutionary topics that can make a difference in people’s lives in the future. I wrote my PhD dissertation on 6G communication as I believed it’s the next big thing. However, some researchers select extremely bizarre topics for their dissertations. These topics are so weird and random that a regular person won’t even think about them. One might believe that the writers behind these papers just ran out of ideas and decided to write a dissertation on something they were thinking of while taking a shower. So, here are 10 bizarre topics people have written dissertations and research papers on:

1. Mosquitos like Limburger Cheese?

Mosquitos are probably one of the most harmful, disturbing, and destructive types of pests. They suck our blood and give back diseases like malaria and dengue. However, a researcher named Bart Knol decided to analyse how mosquitos react to the odour of humans. The subject in this research was Anopheles gambiae, which happens to be the most dangerous malaria-spreading mosquito in Africa. Knol discussed how this mosquito prefers biting the feet and ankles of humans. Moreover, this research paper discusses how it gets attracted to Limburger cheese and how it can be used for traps.

2. Is Cat Food Yummy?

Have you ever desired to eat your feline friend’s food? Well, it is not made for humans. So, if you want to avoid unnecessary scratches and hisses, keep your spoon out of your cat’s food. However, Professor Gary Pick from Brock University was curious about how cat food tastes and whether it’s tasty. So, he wrote a paper and analysed how a human’s taste buds react to canned cat food. This paper also discussed the texture and flavour of canned cat food. Honestly, I feel bad about this person’s cat.

3. Do Chickens Like Good-Looking People?

Are you getting rejected on Tinder due to an unattractive face? Well, looks like you won’t stand a chance against chickens either. In a paper written in 2002, it was discussed whether chickens prefer beautiful humans or not. The researchers conducted a study with six chickens who had to react to various images of average and good looking human faces. The same test was also given to fourteen students, who had to select which faces they found sexually attractive. Surprisingly, the preferences of chickens were quite similar to that of the students. Chickens showed signs of preference for beautiful faces. This study established that human preferences are based on nervous systems instead of facial features.

4. The Effects of Cocaine Consumption on Bees

We see people getting high on multiple occasions. Therefore, we’re quite aware of the effects of cocaine on humans. However, have you ever thought about what it would be like if bees got high? Well, Gene Robinson and her team of researchers wrote a paper to analyse the effects of cocaine on a bee’s dancing prowess. They made the bees consume very low doses of cocaine and observed their response. Honey bees are known for their dance, but the researchers wanted to see something different. So, they wanted to see how a high honey bee dances. The researchers observed that the bees’ circling speed was 25% quicker. Also, they danced for longer.

5. Do Unicorns Exist?

Sometimes, we think these papers are written by 5-year-olds using an AI-powered writing tool. However, there are actual researchers behind these weird studies. Our kids keep asking us whether the unicorns they see in overly-dramatic animated shows are real. The answer to this question is an obvious no. However, an undergraduate student from King’s College London, Rachael Patterson, decided to write a paper and analyse the possibility of the existence of unicorns. She carried on the theses of Michael Dummett and Saul Kripke. Ultimately, it was proved that unicorns don’t exist. However, they might be a thing in a different world.

6. Intimate Relationships with Robots

Robots are taking our jobs away. However, they might even take your crush or partner away from you in the future. In a research paper, Daniel Levy discussed the possibility of having intimate relationships with humanoid robots in the future. He discussed human-robot love and how it can turn sexual in the future. He even claims that robot-human love, marriage, and intercourse will be an inevitable possibility by 2050 – just 28 years from now! Many robotic experts believe that even though humans won’t have an emotional connection with robots, they won’t mind marrying them as a subset of humans. In the coming years, our lives will be like cheesy Sci-fi movies.

7. Do Woodpeckers Suffer From Headaches?

This is something I always wondered about as a kid. However, I never expected someone to write a research paper on it. Ivan Schwab wrote this paper in 2002. It discusses the psychological traits of woodpeckers that protect them from bleeding, headache, and brain damage due to smashing their beak on wood 12,000 times every day. This paper also analyses the skull and jaw structure of woodpeckers and how their muscles function. Through this research, Schwab also found out that a woodpecker’s brain is quite small.

8. Why Is Wet Underwear Uncomfortable?

Really? Why is this even a topic for discussion? It’s quite obvious, and if you want to know how it feels to be all wet down there, ask my 2-year old son, who wakes me up every night. Apparently, a paper discusses the impact of wet underwear on thermal comfort by analysing the intestinal and skin warmth and its effect on weight loss. The researchers conducted a study where they made eight men wear wet underwear in a controlled cold environment. While the wet underwear created the obvious cooling effect, the researchers also concluded that the thickness of underwear significantly impacts thermal comfort. Good, now what should I do with this information?

9. Can a Beer Bottle Break a Human’s Skull?

Let’s say there’s a person you hate with all your heart. He comes to a bar nearby, and you’re wondering what it would be like if you broke a beer bottle on his skull. This person decided to write a research paper first and analyse the impact before starting a bar brawl. A true scholar! A team of researchers wrote a paper on this topic in 2009 and found out that the impact of a full bottle of beer would be 70% more than that of an empty bottle. Show me a more insightful research topic; I am waiting.

10.  How Much Internal Pressure Do Penguins Generate While Pooping?

If you ever had this weird question while watching Animal Planet or Madagascar, you can read Victor Benno Meyer’s paper on this topic. He discusses how much internal pressure penguins generate while firing their poop, presenting us with calculations. Victor and his team of researchers found out that penguins generate an internal pressure of up to 60 kilopascals while ejecting their waste.

While reading these weird research topics, you might be wondering, “Who accepts these ideas?”

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