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Top 10 symptoms, foods and Medicine for Constipation in Pakistan

foods and Medicine for Constipation in Pakistan

Does your baby have constipation? Do you see the symptoms of this problem? But, what are the symptoms and how can we treat this health condition? You will get tips on what we can do to remove constipation. We have curated a list of the best tips with rigorous research. You will also find medicine for constipation in Pakistan options.

Medicine for Constipation in Pakistan

When a baby or an adult has constipation, there is potential space for two types of medicines. These can be allopathic or herbal ones that have worth and efficacy that can be more than an empty fire shot. Some most effective products are:

Allopathic Medicines

The top priorities for allopathy choices may be:

  1. Docusate is one of the best laxatives that allopathy has. The use of this one can give up shots like the typical medicines in this school. What this does is soften poo and so improve the results of bowel movements.
  2. Use of Bisacodyl is recommended for both children and adults. The efficacy of this product is considered up to the mark and better than many others.
  3. Dulcolax is another potential relief medicine from constipation.

Although these medicines do permit relief from constipation. These medicines are great laxatives as well, but they might bring some harsh side effects that can ruin some systems. This would jump in, especially if the use is long-term.

Herbal Medicines

If you believe in the use of some laxatives that do not have any side effects, the herbal school has them. There is a long and efficient-relief list for constipation. The use of the following would alleviate constipation without any harsh results. Some of the following do have the capability:

  1. Ajmal ghutti is a maximum relief product that does contain the efficacy levels that allopathy may not provide. The speciality of this product is fewer side effects with a rare case of any harsh ones. This one is an exceptional medicine that is a special formulation for babies.
  2. Roghan zaitoon is on the list for both skin and constipation relief upshots. Medical doctors, too, believe that its use can help relieve constipation. They believe that it has mild but effective results. So, drink some of it the next time you feel too much hardness down there.
  3. Chronic constipation is not an easy thing to handle. The complications of this problem can be hemorrhoids, anal fissures, stool stuck in the bowels, and rectal prolapse. Ajmal dawakhana can solve this problem with its excellent products. Ajmal is one that is specially made for this matter.
  4. Itrifal Mulayyin is another one that shows the extensive range Ajmal dawakhana has manufactured. They do not just solve the problem; they relieve chronic complications.
  5. Hamdard is a giant in the herbal industry, and they have curated a range as well. Naune hall herbal gripe water is an excellent choice for children with constipation. It can help with quick relief that would come about in a day or less than that.
  6. Hamdard also has carmina plus under their sleeve to surprise with upshots that mean a lot.
  7. Roghan Badam Shirin is a complete cure for constipation from This one actually aids in reducing and alleviating the dryness of the bowels. What this product does is ease up the movement by removal of dryness. Hamdard, too, has a product with the same name that helps relax intestinal musculature.
  8. Qarshi dawakhana has some products that can provide relief with perfection in upshots. They have some famous formulations that work well enough for constipation. Their most famous one is Gesto tablet, and Gesto fill syrup.
  9. Ghutti is a common name for herbal gripe water formulation in Qrashi products as well. That is the reason for the effective production of Qarshi ghutti by them.

Herbs would always prevent severe side effects and would simply solve the problem. You can use ghutti for constipation, or other products from herbal giants of Pakistan. They sell the right medicine for constipation in Pakistan with efficient outcomes. Their ranges would certainly help with proven and tested results with wide ranges.

Symptoms of Constipation With Age Group

One thing is obvious that a baby or child may not be able to indicate constipation with verbal communication. Then what potential symptoms must you know? Well, some of these possible side effects may be:

  1. The symptoms in a baby may be spitting up too often.
  2. You may feel them having an uncomfortable situation when passing stool. This condition would have show when they make voices that show they’re uncomfortable.
  3. You also need to keep an eye on the size of their stool. In a constipation condition, they would pass blood sometimes and would pass dry poo.

These symptoms may come in group symptoms or individually. No matter how you know the condition, do make sure that you take care of this problem. This condition can lead to the following complication:

  1. Painful cracks may appear in the area.
  2. Pain can lead to them too much crying or feeling uncomfortable.

We all know the symptoms of constipation as adults, but a chronic problem may have the following severe ones:

1: If you do not pass 3 or fewer stools a week, you may be having constipation.

2: Some people would have a lumpy or hard stool.

3: One of the most easily noticeable symptoms is the need for too much force to poo.

4: Having the feeling of bowel blockage can be a severe one too.

5: If these problems occur too often, you need to consult a physician.

Last Word

Allopathy does present a solution you need. But, sometimes, people would need something else for a solution. The use of a herbal product for indigestion like a ghutti for stomach, a roghan or oil, or sometimes a more compound product use would pay off. So, never take it easy and get busy treating this problem. If you are suffering from a chronic situation, try searching  herbal product price  and learn more here. A list of products is available that would simply change the perspective of health for you.

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