Top 3 Types of Bakery Box

If the food is not sold in the same place but shipped to the market, they need to be packaged. Let us take a closer look at the different types of Bakery Box.

Operation of packaging materials

Custom box with multiple resolution symbols at once.

They protect the product from water, soil, microorganism infiltration, as well as damage.

It also makes travel easier and longer and shorter, for example, when moving from a warehouse to a store.

In addition, cardboard boxes and large files are easy to store – packaging materials can be easily stored and processed.

Some types of packaging also include decorative materials – painted on patterns and drawings, in addition to decorative items.

Types of Bakery Box, their advantages, and disadvantages


They are light; almost raised his voice.

When the items are full, they are placed on top of each other without fear of damage.

Cellophane and foil options can be packaged hermetically. Isolation: bags, especially envelopes, are easy to tear and tighten.


This plastic material is lightweight and well sealed.

Between the pulls – they drop in weight, so the ability to push the whole box on top of each other is limited.

Corrugated sugar

They are energy efficient, which means that the material inside them is protected from damage.


Excellent, high price

The traditional bakery box with the logo tries to make the items in the box as beautiful as possible.

Overall, the traditional lunch is lightweight, well protected from soil and drought. The disadvantage of the first option is that it breaks down quickly; the latter needs luxury packaging.

What is the most popular Bakery Box?

  • The materials used to pack pastry can be divided into two major categories: natural and polymer.
  • These include cardboard and papercrafts, leather, leather, glass, waxed. The benefits of this product include:
  • They are easy to decorate with pictures and cut;
  • · They do not harm the environment, because they are easily damaged and have limited mobility.

Kraft paper packaging is very popular with eco-brand enthusiasts and retro enthusiasts

Among the minuses, it is necessary to estimate the permeability of gas and water, the ability to absorb fats. For this reason, traditional kraft bread boxes are not suitable for water and oil supplies. Other food items should be kept special in these bags – in a dry, odorless room, etc.


These are cellophane, shrink, stretch and foil film, plastic. The benefits include:

  • ability to make a difference;
  • gas and water turbulence;
  • forces refuse;
  • expertise allows you to view finished products;

The results are small opportunities, compared to paper supplies, for decoration and lack of friendliness.

Moreover, decomposition takes a long time in nature, and the idea of ​​recycling polymers is not very popular in our country.

What kind of Bakery Box is good for bakery products?

For Bakery Box

Long round (sometimes square) cardboard or plastic box. The second option is usually designed with a transparent coating, which allows you to see the product better.

The bread is airy, so make a baking sheet for it.

For rolls, croissants

Bags for items purchased from customers of the bakery. The latter can use thick or transparent layers.

For cookies, gingerbread

The thermal film, cellophane and foil bags, paper (for dry oil only), plastic boxes, cardboard boxes. The tin box is used as a gift basket.

Macaroons Maka

A special box made of plastic or plastic, made of cells that do not allow the biscuits to assemble. They are usually provided with windows.

Cupcakes Maka

Plastic box for a minute or more. For longer commutes, cardboard or corrugated boxes have a single cell on a flat surface (usually with a transparent window at the top).

What are some of the best rules for packing of Bakery Box?

The bags were well wrapped: wrapped with tape, stored in small pieces of paper, sticky or warmed.

Boxes packed with parchment paper and closed with tape or tape.

Close the plastic box tightly so that the protrusion of the lock hole enters the hole.

Cardboard boxes, plywood, boards, used for carrying unhealthy cookies, covered with parchment paper, used for rolling high-density paper towels.

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