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Top 3 Types of Outdoor Upholstery Fabrics for your home

Many of us need to spend more time outdoors, enjoying our lovely exteriors such as porches, backyards, balconies or verandas. You can relax outside the home and put your creative hats on for your outdoor spaces. If you feel like revamping your patio furniture and outdoor upholstery fabric, you must go for it as they infuse style and make inviting additions to your outdoor décor,

Suppose you do not want your outdoor spaces to function solely as summer entertainment areas but also be well-suited e for late spring and early autumn get-togethers with friends and loved ones. In that case, it is important to take into consideration various factors. It can be humidity, rain, and weather. Here, we will share the best fabrics for your outdoors so that you can turn your outside space into lovely retreats. Generally, the three best outdoor upholstery fabrics to use outside are:

  • Polyester

Polyester is a strong fabric that has both commercial and industrial applications and comes with a good option to use and wear outside. Some of its features include:

-Resistance against wrinkling, stretching, and abrasion.

-It is lightweight.

-Dries very quickly.

-Easy and convenient to clean.

-It can be resistant to mildew.

-It is UV resistant.

The only drawback with this fabric is that it will lose much of its strength after prolonged exposure to UV rays and moisture. While you can find the fabric in a wide range of colours to match your fabric, you can expect the colours to fade over time if it is under direct sunlight. However, it is ideal for outdoor cushions, boat covers, canvas covers, upholstery, awnings, sails, tarps, and tents.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic fabrics are an amazing option for outdoor application, thanks to their durability, mildew and fade resistance, easy maintenance, breathability, and waterproof properties. They can also withstand different types of weather, making them suitable for cushion covers, sail covers, fully upholstered pieces, marine interiors, drapes, and decorative pillows, among others.

  • Nylon

Nylon and polyester resemble a lot when it comes to quality. One of the most versatile fabrics in the textile industry and a string fabric is Nylon. With numerous indoor and outdoor applications, Nylon dries quickly and exhibits high resistance to abrasion. The added elasticity makes it an ideal option for upholstery applications, while its high tensile strength makes it suitable for heavy fabrics used in home décor.

Nylon is a bit softer than polyester but is equally easy to wash, and to some extent, it is UV- and mildew-resistant. Because Nylon does not have the UV resistance of polyester, many designers do not recommend Nylon for outdoor applications. However, if you are using it on shaded items, Nylon is fine.

These are some of the best outdoor upholstery fabrics you can use outdoors.


Based on your preference for style and comfort, you can opt for a wide range of outdoor fabric options for your cushions. Regardless of what you decide to opt for, remember that you can help extend the life of your cushions with frequent maintenance. So, after rain, wipe as it will prevent mildew and mold from developing, and wash them once a month or so. This will remove surface dirt, even when the weather is not intense or rainy.

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