Top 6 Animated Marketing Videos Explaining Great Business Stories

When it comes to launching a marketing campaign, animated marketing videos are a great way to draw the audience’s attention immediately. Animation gives a dynamic impact to videos that makes them engaging, compelling, and visually strong to convey the message instantly. Animation sums up lengthy content and makes it consistent enough to last a powerful impact. Moreover, videos are crucial marketing assets, helping businesses expand their reach in a cost-effective budget with animated videos.

Earlier, creating animations in videos was a costly and time-consuming process that required a lot of tools, heavy software, professionals, etc., to make high-quality videos. With digital transformations, it’s a snap. Now we can use online tools, easy-to-use software, and advanced animation techniques to end up with the best marketing videos. Additionally, we can customize, modify and update these videos to make them more effective so that they can bring life to your business.

Here we will discover some of the great animated marketing videos used by famous companies.

Top 6 Animated Marketing Videos To Take Inspiration

Many people think that only famous brands and corporations can use animated marketing videos for their products and services promotion, not at all. Video marketing is not bound to the business’s size; no matter if you are a startup or midsize enterprise, you can include this standard in your marketing process.

Video marketing has become a popular trend among businesses to brand their product and services with engaging and convincing videos. Businesses use animated explainers, corporate demos, testimonials, whiteboards, and many other types of videos to show their potential to the audience. Animated videos are at a higher preference among other branding videos because they bring more traffic. Due to the popularity of animated videos, we have taken out some of the top-notch animated marketing videos that are the best example for businesses to take inspiration.


As the name implies, Intercom creates a messaging app for better communication with customers. Many businesses use this social messaging platform to connect with people. Sending and receiving branding messages is the core purpose of this app through which businesses have a great chance to make more customers. One of the most important benefits is that businesses can use this platform from anywhere, so it is a great chance to show their availability all-time.

If we look at their app’s animated branding video, animals talk to each other. It is quite engaging and attractive to grab viewers’ attention.


Customer service matters more than how a business deals with its customers in any business. Zendesk is a popular customer service software many businesses use to support and respond to their customers’ requests. The core of this software is to show customers that their favorite brands are always available to answer their requests and provide the best possible solution.

Their marketing video explained how they work and maintain relations with customers. So the viewers who do not know about Zendesk can easily understand them with their brand video.


Keeping track of your employee’s performance and work progress is challenging, but Hubstaff time tracking software has become more accessible. Many businesses use this effective software to assign, manage, and check project status. This advanced software helps them be punctual and dedicated to their work so that their clients have their projects on time. Moreover, this powerful software help businesses to keep track of employees’ progress; it would help them mentor their employees.

Hubstaff’s animated explainer video amazingly explains their concept and targets a large audience to avail of their software product.


Product marketing is all about showcasing services on social platforms and channels. Meetedgar is a social media tool that helps businesses to manage their social media posts. An automated tool enables marketers to post branding stuff on their platforms. Using Meetedgar’s social platform, businesses get fresh updates related to their posts, which greatly benefits making more customers. The feature of this social media tool includes posting, managing, and scheduling content on social media accounts so that audiences and customers keep engaged with new arrivals.

Their cartoon animated marketing video is the top-notch branding video helping them attract more traffic.


Email marketing is a traditional standard among businesses to brand their product and services. For this purpose, sending emails one by one to customers will be tiresome and time-consuming. But with Gretreponse’s email app, it is easier. Actually, it is an email boosting app that instantly sends emails to the customers and convinces them to try the branded product. Businesses that only focus on paid marketing can generate more leads with this professional way of marketing. With this app, entrepreneurs can create custom emails and landing pages for their subscribers to brand products and services in a minute.

Getresponse’s animated marketing video is the best branding, wonderfully telling their story using characters and powerful context.


If you create business forms without using tools, quit now and use Jotform as an online form builder tool. Business forms are a professional way to sign deals and keep records. Now businesses can seamlessly create any form within minutes and publish them to get instant results. Additionally, collecting a huge amount of data is not a big deal with this amazing tool. Jotform built credibility to their services by an amazing animated marketing video explaining everything about them. Their animated cartoonist story delivers the brand message entertainingly that holds viewers’ attention till the end. So if you are willing to brand your business with animated videos, take inspiration from Jotform and create yours.


The above mentioned are some of the best animated marketing videos used by famous companies. These videos are effective, engaging, and compelling to build trust in customers’ minds. Additionally, these videos highly impact customers and inspire them to use their best marketing solutions.

Hence, if you plan to make an animated video for your business, you must watch these videos and observe what they have done to imprint a long-lasting impact on customers’ minds. Lastly, you can hire an animated video production company to get your video made by them.

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