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Top 7 Lijiang Cuisines You Should Know

Top 7 Lijiang Cuisines You Should Know

Yunnan, or Dian, is a combination of 25 different ethnic cooking cultures and the Han majority. This fusion gives life to local cuisine. Yunnan Cuisine is rich in ecological raw materials, innovative techniques, and unique national characteristics. Lijiang’s cuisines are also a result of the integration of all ethnic groups. Generate chinese names with a chinese name generator.

Lijiang Cuisines

1. Preserved Lijiang Steaks Hot Pot

The main course of the Celebration Course Sandie Shui Banquet stack, which is a three-course banquet that honorable guests can enjoy, is ‘Preserved Lijiang Steaks’. Sandie Shui is the Manchu Han Imperial Feast to the general Han population. It is made from wild-range pigs that were raised by the Naxi people. It is air-dried for long periods of time before it can be preserved. 

A longer drying time will result in a stronger taste. In an earthen pot, preserved steaks, Chinese yams, and fragrant-flowered garlic are all cooked. The soup is simmered in light heat. The soup is light and the meat tender. To your liking, you can add various vegetables to the hot pot.

Qualities: High-quality preserved steaks are tight and dry. They are yellow-red in color and have a strong meaty smell.

Recommendation: Preserved Steak Restaurant in Shiquan Jiumei Branch

2. Naxi Barbeque

Nasi Barbecue is a favorite dish of the Naxi. It is a favorite dish of the Ancient Tea Horse Road’s traveling merchants. First, the marbled meat is preserved and then roasted in handcrafted stoves. The carbon for the stove is also carefully baked. You can either eat the full-toasted or medium-toasted meat or store it for later use. The meat is usually prepared with mint and fried in a pan.

Characteristics: The skin has a golden color and is soft and fatty.

Recommendation: Xiao Guoba Naxi Gourmet

3. Black Goat Hot Pot

The pollution-free Lijiang is where black goats are raised. This variety can withstand the cold and UV radiation of high mountains. The texture and nutrients of black goat meat are better. The dish is loved by the Naxi people. The meat of black goat is less fibrous and has a more tender texture. It is difficult to feel the goat taint. For an unforgettable dish, the chef adds many vegetables and fungi to the hot pot.

Recommendation: Wu Ka Ka Yunnan Hot Pot Tastes *Wild Fungi & Black Goat

4. Pipa Meat

Pumi, Naxi, and other ethnic groups eat lard meat from the guts. First, the pigs that have been slaughtered are removed. After the bones have been removed, salt and peppercorns can be spread inside the abdomen cavity. Finally, the pig is sewn. Pipa Meat is also known for its shape, which is reminiscent of the Chinese lute Pipa. The various seasonings release the aroma of the pork. Another successful innovation is the incorporation of fat into a dish that isn’t greasy.

The dish is very fleshy in color. It has a strong fragrance.

Recommendation: Foodie Hall

5. Flowers floating in the water (Shuixingyanghua)

This dish is well-known in Lijiang. It is made from an edible wild herb, which floats on Lijiang’s lakes. The white flowers of the plant are higher than the water, while the entire plant is below the water. Each restaurant has its own cooking methods, including oil, minced garlic, or soy sauce. It is refreshing and smooth.

Characteristics: This product is light, delicious, and refreshing.

Recommendation: A-Ma Yi Naxi Snack (Xiao Shiqiao Branch)

6. Steam Pot Chicken (Qi Guo Ji)

The cooking method of this chicken inspired its name. Steaming is the main cooking method. Well-steamed chicken is great for your health and appetite. The fine purple pottery of Jianshui County, Yunnan Province is the utensil for this dish. The Jianshui Boiler is a simple device that has an oblate cavity and a hollow pipe through which steam can flow into the pot. After the steam has cooled, the steam will drop back into the pot and become chicken soup. It can be served after being cooked for between 2 and 3 hours.

Characteristics: The chicken nuggets and the soup are fresh and sweet.

Recommendation: Xiao Chuxi Private Dish

7. Broad Bean Rice (Dou Men fan)

It is made with fresh-picked broad beans, fried bacon, and delicious rice. Its attractive white, red, and green colors are very appealing. It is a must-try dish in Yunnan because of the sweet beans and aromatic ham.

Characteristics: Fresh and delicious

Recommendation: Disappear Life (Yinyu Lane Branch)


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