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Top 7 pocket knives in all around the world


The Ganzo Adimanti is just a compact knife that is folding. It fits seamlessly into the pocket of the coat, pants, or backpack. Therefore, it is possible to go with you on hikes, picnics or trips which are long. A secure clip you to install the product to gear or pocket. This knife model is not a tool that is melee so you can never be afraid of checking from law enforcement agencies. The Ganzo Adimanti knife is just an option that is great for camping trips, picnics, or household use.


The Chinese company, which produces an array of hand-cutting tools (knives, axes, and hatchets), is additionally known for its Leatherman replica multi-tools. Ganzo G302B is a very useful little thing that will come in handy for anybody who goes fishing, hunting, on an expedition, having the simplest mechanisms within their armament. With this tool, it is possible to urgently repair the spinning reel, tighten up the bolts on the sight mount, and perform other maintenance operations on something. Cutting and accessories that are piercing are not so effective, but they’re not going to be superfluous in the forest.


The Ganzo company from the Celestial Empire could maybe not get around the topic of samurai weapons in any real way- after all, they had been neighbors. She created an interesting model. It is a folding knife with the outline of a katana, a Japanese sword. Another of its features is a flipper – a technique of translating the blade into a shooting position. We provide you with a synopsis of the product today. Think about the design features and specs. The fold-up includes a groove near the butt, shpaneck, flipper.


Ganzo G626-BK is a compact and lightweight Pocket knife that is folding. It optimally combines a stylishly designed flipper and 4 different handles. The knife has a fashionable design that makes its usage much more enjoyable in addition to its versatile functionality. It has proven itself well in urban environments as well as on outings. Popular among tourists, hunters, fishermen, mushroom pickers. The model perfectly withstands contact with temperature and water extremes.


In 1983, an American mechanic introduced a device that is hand-held the market, which he called the PST. The acronym stands for Pocket Survival Tool – a pocket survival tool. It turned out to become so effective and convenient that it spawned a tsunami of imitation. In this specific article, you want to provide you with a replica that is Chinese of innovation – the Ganzo G301 model. In our opinion, it could be the closest to the original when it comes to both the group of products and the quality of performance.


We provide you with a summary of the G626 series of folding knives through the Ganzo business today. The merchandise has two design features at once: the shape associated with the Tanto blade and the Flipper folding technique. This symbiosis has spawned one of the most uncommon EDC knives on the handheld market. The blade is associated with the “tanto” type that the Americans borrowed through the samurai that is Japanese World War II. Now it is a blade with two edges that are cutting the main (long) and the front (brief). It appears like it has been re-sharpened and broken along the fracture line.


Ganzo (Firebird) FH11 knives will be great companions on a hike, fishing, hunting, or just a picnic, they include a sharp blade because they have instead tiny fat and size, but in addition. Thanks to the end flipper, users can open the blade with one hand, which is vital in extreme conditions. A flipper and a lock that fixes the blade within the place that is available for the safety of those models.

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