Top 7 suggestions to follow when you miss your bae

Irrespective of any specific situation, it’s often a disappointment when you badly miss your partner. There are times when you miss the presence of your loved one but unfortunately, they are residing in a different country. In such circumstances, there are a few things you can do to deal with the situation. Instead of settling on the sadness, the hardship, or the general yearning, go through these few activities and try these out whenever you miss the presence of your bae. 

  • Make a call:

Sometimes a simple call can truly make anyone smile. You can also choose to text him, send an email, or post his picture on any social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. There are numerous ways to stay connected with your loved ones nowadays. He/she will feel extremely glad as such an attempt will portray the love and affection that you hold for him/her. 

  • Spend some time with yourself:

Even though it can be tough to stay apart from your bae, it’s also equally valuable to take care of yourself and allow some time and space to evolve on your own. Dealing with everything independently is difficult for some people, but always remember that you will ultimately get back with your beloved one.  So for now, choose any of your favourite books that you have been planning to finish. Write down your opinions, both negative and positive ones. You can also take some time out for your friends or family, engage yourself in volunteering or go out for a run. Watch your most preferred movie over and over. Do all such things that will make you happy. You can also choose to send some special flowers by choosing the midnight flower delivery in Bangalore or any other place, and get it delivered promptly at your desired destination.

  • Write a heartfelt letter:

The traditional way of writing a heartfelt letter still has its significance. Nowadays with the advancement of technology and with the availability of various social media platforms, people have forgotten the importance of handwritten letters. Even when you are sending a simple DIY card with a special note, your partner will feel exceptional. The other advantage of jotting down your emotions in the form of a letter is that you can portray your emotional side to a great extent than you choose to be in a normal text message or any of your post on social media. Letters can be long-winded, expressive, truthful, and romantic. 

  • Watch a special movie:

It’s quite obvious to miss your special one. Wishing to be with the special one you adore is part of the occurrence of falling in love. It doesn’t matter if it’s his most recommended movie, or the one that you watched on your first date along with him, or just a story that matches your bond, you can find solace in any art. It gets even better when both of you are staying apart, like in a long-distance relationship, choosing to watch the exact movie at the same time so that you have some interesting conversation about it. You can also choose to send some delightful wedding anniversary flowers to your spouse and draw a smile on her face instantly.

  • Put on his favourite pullover:

This might sound a bit cheesy but this will surely work out! There’s something so nostalgic about cuddling up in your loved one’s fluffy and oversized pullover or sweatshirt. However, If you don’t have any of his pullovers that will make you feel his presence then the second time you get to meet him, request him to give you any of his old and oversized pullovers or shirt to use. Only by wearing his pullover and sensing his essence can make you feel like you are in his arms.

  • Spend some time with your close ones:

Irrespective of any situation, you will always find your friends by your side. At times when you just can’t stop thinking about him or missing him, you might need the help of your friends. Your close ones will understand your sentiments and will surely help you out by distracting your focus in some other activities. 

  • Plan out some interesting stuff that will do for him:

Get rid of the grumpiness on your face by thinking about the moment when you will get to meet your boyfriend next. Rather than residing on how much you are thinking about your partner, try to emerge with a bunch of plans on what to do when you will meet with him.  You can plan several surprising date ideas and all the things you want to discuss with him. Not only will it enable you to feel distracted, but it will also assist in passing your time, and you will turn out feeling much better.

Being detached from your loved one for whatever purpose can be tough, but you can pass through it. Stay focused, keep positive enthusiasm, and speculate about the future when you’ll get to meet him once again.

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