Top 8 Things You Can Donate to Charity

Donate to Charity

You may think that charities survive from all the money donations big enterprises and wealthy individuals are giving, but that’s only partly true. Charities are doing a tremendous job at helping people all around the world. They organize fundraisers, build houses, cook and serve food, and many other things you can’t even imagine and you can donate.  

And they also depend on small donations individuals give, and it’s up to us to help them continue spreading the good work. There are many things you can donate to charity, and here are some ideas.  

Before you head over to them, check with the specific charity you want to donate to, what they are and aren’t accepting. 


Many charities are accepting clothes as donations. By donating clothes, you’ll be able to help people, give back to your community, and also clear out your closet. It’s a sustainable way of getting rid of the clutter you accumulated in your home. The clothes you want to give should be in good condition and clean. Some charities don’t accept clothes, while others accept only specific items, so be sure to find the right organization to give the things you have. Often the Red Cross will accept clothes and your local church organizations. Also, at some places, they will accept shoes and bags too.  

Old Vehicles 

Did you know that you can donate cars or other vehicles to charities? Suppose you have an old vehicle and it is not working. In that case, you can donate it to a charity, such as Habitat for Humanity of Broward. Instead of finding a way to get rid of your broken car or bike, you can sustainably give it to an organization that accepts such donations. And by doing so, you will help someone in need, but you may also be eligible for a tax deduction.  


You can also give away furniture as it can help equip someone’s home. The pieces you can give are smaller items like chairs, nightstands, coffee tables, TV stands, and lamps. Some charities will accept beds and armchairs, but most others won’t. Also, you can ask your local shelter if they accept bed linens, blankets, and comforters. These things are always welcomed during wintertime; just be sure to wash them before giving them away.  


There are many food-prepping things that you can donate, from pots and pans to bowls and plates. You can also give away glasses, mugs, utensils, Tupperware, carts, knives, or anything in good condition that can be useful. If you have things lying around in your kitchen and don’t remember the last time you used them, donate.  

Hygiene Essentials 

One of the most important things you can donate is hygiene essentials. Every charity needs them, and shelters especially. If you have some extra bathroom products you don’t need, they are not opened or expired; it will be more than okay to donate them. You can donate shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorants, pads and tampons, diapers, and toilet paper. Just be sure that everything you are donating isn’t used or washed if you donate towels.  


Many people don’t know that you can also donate books. Not everyone has the funds to buy books constantly, so giving away a book you read is a good deed. Books can be great companions, especially in tough times, and a great way to distance yourself from everyday stress. We bet you have some books sitting in your house that you didn’t touch for ages, so why not give them to someone who will read them. Any book is welcomed, whether it’s a children’s book, a classic, a philosophy one, or an encyclopedia. Just be sure that all of the pages are there and that the book is not ripped.  


Like with books, some people don’t have the funds to buy their children new toys, and every child deserves to play and enjoy their childhood. If you have toys or games in decent condition and your children are no longer playing with them, think about donating. You’ll most certainly make at least one other child smile.  

Financial Donations  

If you can donate money, it’s the most efficient and simplistic way to help a good cause. Every charity accepts financial donations, so you don’t have to do additional research. You can donate any amount by writing a check, as it’s the most straightforward form of donating.

We hope you now have a much clearer insight into what you can donate to charities and help those in need.


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