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Top Coolest coffee shop and cafeteria in Dubai to explore

Dubai has a booming coffee culture, and it says that the origin of coffee is from the middle east. Dubai even has a Coffee museum that offers glimpses of the coffee culture of Dubai for decades. Well, what else could be the evidence for Dubai’s coffee love? The emirate is the perfect place to activate your taste buds with a sip of a variety of coffee. Are you a coffee lover? There is no better place than Dubai to enjoy your drink.

Places to enjoy your coffee in paradise

Le Guépard

Le Guepard is one of the top coffee shop and dining restaurants located in Al Quoz in Dubai. The place focuses on special varieties of coffee and brunch with stylish and magnificent surroundings. Le Guepard is a place that combines coffee, delicious cuisine, and Dubai culture together.


Arabica serves the most exceptional coffee around the world. It basically originated from Japan and spread its arm in Dubai. Arabica is famous for including premium quality Coffee beans obviously from its farm. Arabica is the best place to witness the world by enjoying coffee.

Dubai Coffee Museum

Do you know Dubai has a separate coffee museum that takes you to the Dubai heritage and coffee culture of the past? It is the best place to enjoy coffee while discussing it, and they have much old stuff related to coffee that portrays the evolution of coffee in Dubai. This coffee museum offers freshly brewed coffee to enjoy in antique style and traditional clothes.


Dubai’s other coffee serving place called Alchemy is an aromatic place with wood and marble decorative interiors. You can come to the location, enjoy a wide variety of coffee and click some glimpses around. Alchemy opens from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. So, make your morning at Alchemy coffee shop.

Stomping Grounds

One of the trendy places in Dubai, of course, is famous for Batch Coffee. The Stomping Grounds offers a top-class breakfast menu to make your morning moments memorable. Coffee is the highlighted beverage that is freshly brewed with homegrown rich coffee beans.

Tom & Serg

As the name suggests, this place is run by two fellows, Tom & Serg. The site includes two floors for coffee and a kitchen for the healthy tastiest food. It is one of the most visited places due to the offering vegetarian and vegan options. It is near ACE Hardware and Burjeel Hospital, Al Joud Centre, 15A Street, Sheikh Zayed Rd, and to enjoy the coffee at the best location, sports car hire Dubai can ease your way.

The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us place offers a combo of coffee, bakery product dishes, and a cafe that makes your day at one spot. You don’t need any special reason to explore the mouthwatering menus of The Sum of Us.


Another fascinating place that opens a door for the intense coffee lover is a Drop. They serve freshly brewed coffee with cookies and complimentary desserts, and drop is the place that enables you to explore Dubai’s culture with coffee.

Mokha 1450

Mokha 1450 is an exceptional place for coffee. They mainly use Heirloom Ethiopian Geisha beans, Jamaican Blue Mountain blends, and Yemeni coffee to make strong and tasty coffee. You get experienced staff at your service that makes your coffee experience incredible.

Friends Avenue

One more coolest cafe near Jumeirah Lakes is Friends Avenue. The brightly painted wall and furniture, greenery outside, and serving best cuisine on colorful plates give an intense vibe. They have plenty of coffee beverages to serve at your table, but their specialty is the barista’s special teddy bear latte.

Angelina Dubai

Angelina Dubai is located inside the iconic Dubai Mall, renowned as the touted coffee shop. Inside the Angelina, taste the most enriching Parisian vibe with the best of coffee, pestres, and other milk products. The place Angelina was established in 1903. So on the land of Emiratis, it is the best place to explore Paris and its heritage.

Spill The Bean

Inside the Sunset Mall near Jumeirah road, Spill The Bean welcomes coffee enthusiasts to taste the original blended coffee. So if you are with your buddies or want to spend some glorious moments with your soulmate, the marvel Spill The Bean takes care of everything.

Bottom line

For many people, a cup of coffee is life and a way to steal a few moments for themselves. Dubai is an ideal place to bring your every dream into reality. No matter whether you want to experience a luxurious lifestyle, want to take a ride in your desired exotic car or have a cup of coffee in the magnificent locations, the emirate has everything to offer you.


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