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Top Faber Chimney in India

The Faber chimney keeps your kitchen free of smoke and oil. Its oil collector extends the life of filters and reduces the cleaning process. With its suction power of 1350m3/h, it is great for a range of tasks in the kitchen. It is also ideal for use in the shower. Read on for more information. Here are the features of a Faber chimney that will help you decide which one to purchase. You’ll be happy you made the purchase.

Filterless technology

Filterless technology in a Faber chimney enables you to enjoy clean air, even during the heaviest use. With auto-clean technology, the oil and soot that collects in the chimney are removed automatically. This reduces the amount of time you need to clean the filter and extends the lifespan of the chimney. With a suction power of 1350m3/h, a Faber chimney has no need to worry about cleaning filters.

The high suction power of a Faber chimney helps in cooking food without much difficulty. It is fitted with a motion sensor that recognizes human movements and controls the chimney accordingly without any physical contact. In addition to its powerful suction power, a Faber chimney comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty and a five-year motor warranty. This ensures that you can enjoy clean air at home and stay sane while cooking.

Touch panel

The Faber chimney is equipped with a touch panel that allows users to control the operation with a single click. The touch panel is made of tempered glass, increasing its durability. A motion sensor also allows users to operate the appliance by waving their hands. This feature makes the chimney easy to use even if the user isn’t close to it. This chimney also has an elegant wall mount with LED lights. The Faber chimney is available in three different colors, making it easy to choose the most suitable one for your home.

The Faber chimney is available in 60 and 90 cm models, with a choice of colour panels. Its suction capacity is around 1000m3/h, which makes it ideal for homes with small chimneys. Faber chimneys are affordable, coming in at around 23,000 INR. They feature innovative designs and impressive features, as well as gesture control for easy operation. You can enjoy cooking in complete discretion while ensuring a clean chimney.

Powerful motor

The powerful motor in a Faber chimney enables the appliance to achieve suction power of 1200 m3/hr, enabling it to eliminate oily and smoke fumes. The chimney is also filterless, and has a 50 x 90 x 60 cm opening. The thermal auto-clean feature cleans residues with just one touch. The device is equipped with an automated touch command and 3-speed touch switch. It also has motion sensors to ensure safe cleaning. The motor in this chimney is between twenty-four thousand to twenty-eight thousand watts, depending on the model.

Compared to other brands, Faber offers the most comprehensive warranty in the market. Its chimney and motor are covered by a comprehensive warranty and are backed by a 15-day buffer period. Elica and Faber offer similar warranties but Faber offers better customer support. Moreover, the Elica and Faber chimneys are made in India. Both models are similar in maintenance costs. But if you want to get a chimney cleaner that meets your budget, Faber is the right choice.

Low noise level

One of the benefits of using a Faber chimney is the low noise level. This chimney has three+1 speed settings to suit different needs. The powerful 250 watt motor ensures that it runs quietly and efficiently while removing fumes, steam and combustion products from the room. LED lights and a three-layer baffle filter reduce oily smoke. Low noise is a great way to create a peaceful environment in the kitchen.

Moreover, Faber chimneys are available with a large number of features, including a touch control and three-way suction. They are equipped with an automatic shut-off function and the ability to control the light by gesture. This means that you can cook without disturbing other people or causing a ruckus. The Glassy 3D chimney uses this technology to ensure the lowest noise level possible. The glassy 3D chimney also features a three-layer baffle filter to eliminate airborne grease and other particles from the cooking area.

Auto clean feature

The new auto clean feature in the Faber kitchen chimney is a fantastic way to prevent the accumulation of oil and grease in your chimney. This feature works by releasing heat through a heating element, which removes trapped oil and grease particles. This oil and grease is collected in a convenient oil collector, which is easy to clean and replace. With an overall suction power of 1350 m3/hr, this chimney cleaner is an excellent choice for any kitchen.

To use the auto clean feature, you just press the button on the top of the Faber chimney cleaner. The tool will then automatically start to clean the chimney in a matter of minutes. When the auto clean feature starts, water pours into a detachable water collector. The water moves inside the chimney over a 45-second to minute time period. The water will settle on the bottom of the chimney and will leave a whitish finish.

Brand’s after-sales service

You may have already heard about the after-sales service of Faber chimneys. If you are planning to buy a new chimney for your home, you should know about the services provided by the company. If you face any problem with your Faber chimney, the service people will be happy to help you. For instance, they will assist you by cutting the kitchen stone. They will also provide you with an easy-to-follow installation guide for your chimney.

If you are looking for after-sales service, you should contact the company’s authorized service centres or dedicated call center. Faber chimneys come with warranty periods, so if you need any repair or service, you can contact them for assistance. Whether you need to contact the service center or make a warranty claim, the customer care team will help you out. Faber Chimneys have dedicated customer care centers throughout India, so they should be able to solve your problem quickly.

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