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Top Reasons That Make Anarkali Kurtas a Popular Choice

A salwar suit is one of the most loved dresses of every Indian woman out there. Of course, new trends and style changes come now and then, but the special charm of salwar suits is forever staying in the hearts of Indian women. One type of salwar suit that is super special and loved is the Anarkali suit. Visit any party scene, and you will find most of the women wearing designer kalamkari Anarkali kurta or Anarkali suit sets. These Anarkali kurtas still rock every fashion event and special occasion. 

It is one amazing ethnic wear style that showcases the eternal fusion of the rich Indian tradition in a contemporary design. In today’s time, women love wearing Anarkali kurtas and suits for various occasions and even for work wear. But what things have made this attire a popular choice? Here are some reasons why Anarkali kurtas have become a prominent ethnic wear pick. 

Reasons That Make Anarkali A Popular Ethnic Wear: 

Adds A Royal & Classy Touch 

Anarkali Kurtis or dresses, have been here since the era of The Great Mughals.   Thus, they have always been associated with royal choices for ages. The outfit owes its name to a fictional royal character called “Anarkali”. She was a courtesan in the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar. So, you can understand it’s associated with the rich and royal ages. It is said that if you wear an Anarkali suit in the right way with the right accessories, you can look extremely classy and elegant. Sometimes, just like the royal princesses from the royal times. This is also why you will find women prefer wearing them at weddings, parties and special occasions. 

Availability of a Large Variety

Another reason why these traditional Anarkali Kurtis or suits are popular is because of the large variety it offers. These Anarkali suits or kurtas come in various designs like short, fish cut, mermaid style, floor length, and in a spectrum of stunning colours. This ethnic pattern kurta also comes with beautiful embellishments and embroideries that dazzle the eyes in the most beautiful ways. This is why you can easily find an Anarkali suit or kurta for every event. Whether you are going for a wedding party or for your workwear needs, the Anarkali kurta caters to all requirements. 

An Impeccable Piece Of Art & Fashion 

Anarkali suits or even kurtas are long, and thus, they give designers and artists more space and options to create a plain pink Anarkali into an impeccable work of art. Designers add beautiful colours, patterns, embroideries and embellishments that bring out nothing but the best pieces. But, most importantly, the look of the suit makes all the work done on them more visible and beautiful. Ask any designer, and you will surely find them saying Anarkali is one of the best and most versatile ethnic wear they would love to design. 

Looks Gorgeous & Comfortable At The Same Time 

The Anarkali suit is one stunning piece of attire that keeps the comfort quotient quite intact. This is the reason why Indian women love to wear Anarkali Kurtis or suit sets for every occasion. Anarkali kurtas are gorgeous ethnic wear outfits that are easy to carry and match the ambience of every occasion. The places where a simple straight-cut fit suit may not fit, Anarkali will come as a great alternative that will not cause you any discomfort. So, if you wish to flaunt a simpler and chic appeal, without a doubt, choose an Anarkali-style suit or kurta. 

Anarkali Style Gives You A Slim Appearance 

Anarkali-style kurtas are known for their long frock-style appeal from the bottom of the torso till the end. This is the reason why women will always enjoy the proper illusion of a slim body frame. As the dress is quite long, it hides all the extra curves and heaviness from the individual’s body. Especially when you buy an Anarkali suit keeping in mind your specific body shape, then you can easily give yourself a slim appearance because when given the right fit, the dress will give you a beautiful curvy structure. 

Gives A Chance To Enjoy A Gown Look 

The long flowy structure of Anarkali kurtas also gives them the appearance of gowns. This is why this ethnic wear attire has now come up as a gown. Today, the modern version of Anarkali comes in many patterns, works and alterations. Even the simple Anarkali gowns have borderwork and are good to wear for many casual occasions. Even if you were once uncomfortable adorning yourself in a gown, Anarkali gowns give you the confidence to look elegant. In fact Anarkali gowns have come up as an incredible fashion experiment for oversized women. This style hides their extra curves and makes them look beautiful in their exact body shape. 

Suitable For All Body Types 

The long Anarkali suits remain the top choice for women of all ages and all body types. No matter what your body type, the attire looks amazing and elegant. Whether you are plump or have a lean body, Anarkali kurtas will sit perfectly and highlight the curves that look positive on your body. This ethnic wear attire makes women look stylish regardless of body type. The main reason why they fit every body type is because of the variety and designs they come in. Every body shape looks pretty cool in these Anarkali kurtas, from different cuts and styles to flares. 

Can Be Paired In Many Ways 

One of the biggest advantages and reasons women enjoy Anarkali suits is that they are easy to pair with different bottoms in many ways. Individuals can wear Anarkali with churidars, palazzos, leggings, tights, and even long skirts. Anarkali looks stylish and visually appealing with all sorts of bottoms. As it can be styled with different bottoms, it also has the potential to give individuals a unique style every time. This is one of the reasons why many office and college-going girls opt for long-flared Anarkali kurtas with trousers and sometimes cigarette pants.  

Easy Handling & Maintenance 

We all know every garment demands care and maintenance. The costlier the outfit, the more special care and maintenance it needs to retain its beauty. Generally, Anarkali kurtas crafted in comfy cotton and rayon fabrics are very easy to handle and maintain. However, in case the Anarkali suit has heavy embellishments and features heavy embroidery, then dry cleaning is a must to preserve the richness of the outfit. But all in all, in most of the cases, this ethnic wear is one easy-to-care-for and maintain outfit. 


Every Indian woman knows the beauty of Anarkali kurtas or any outfit that comes in this pattern. This stylish ethnic wear not only comes in embroidered and heavily embellished options but also in simplistic cotton designs that also look very graceful. After reading this article, you might be finally convinced that Anarkali suits are one of the most elegant and beautiful dresses that give women a refined silhouette look.

These are just a few reasons behind the popularity of Anarkali suits, and there are numerous other reasons as well. Now, it’s time you go on a shopping spree and update your wardrobe with the most amazing collection of Anarkali suits or kurtas for every occasion.

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