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Top Reasons To Add Neem & Aloe Vera To Your Skincare Routine

Just as we change our clothes seasonally, it is crucial to keep adapting to our skincare routine with the changing season. Especially when monsoon season is around the corner, it is very imperative to treat skin with products that nourish our skin without leaving a layer of grease behind and moisturize simultaneously. Sweat, grime, clog pores, and loads of other skin problems result in an uneven skin tone. That’s where aloe vera neem face wash comes out as a humble combination to help a myriad of skin issues during this season. Still, wondering why neem and aloe vera? Here are some reasons to trust these two ingredients and add them to your skincare regimen. 

Reasons To Add Neem & Aloe vera To Skin Routine: 

Neem and aloe vera both have natural constituents that offer skin benefits like soothing, nourishment, and protection from germs and pollutants. Additionally, they are also rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make them suitable for all skin types. Here are some concerns that both neem and aloe vera help us deal with. 

Boosts Natural Hydration Levels Of Skin 

During the hot and humid weather, skin greasiness is one of the biggest banes. Aloe vera has intense hydration properties and acts as a natural hydrating agent for your skin. It prevents the skin from dehydrating without packing in the greasy element you often find in other moisturizing creams. As it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it also helps eliminate clogged pores. If you use aloe vera-based products daily, it will keep your skin moisturized and naturally glowing. 

Prevents Skin Infections  

Another skin-friendly ingredient, neem is one of the best antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents on earth. It prevents skin from various skin infections, especially during the monsoon season. When used in a combination of aloe vera in some everyday products like a body wash or facewash, it helps you stay protected from various skin infections. In addition to that, it also assures that your skin will stay healthy, supple, and smooth. 

Acts As An Exfoliating Agent 

The humidity in the weather, especially during monsoon season, leads to the expansion of skin pores. It further leads to an increase in blackhead and whitehead breakouts. You may not know, but excessive sweating also can create a germ load on our skin. Just as a papaya face wash helps in effective cleansing, neem and aloe vera wash also help you eliminate unwanted germ guests. They have excellent exfoliating properties, which clean the skin from the inside without drying out the skin. It restores your skin’s natural look and feels. 

Rejuvenates The Skin 

The collagen particles from the EFA in neem and Aloe vera antioxidants help restore skin oil balance. In addition to that, it also helps in restoring skin elasticity and improves skin texture and appearance. When used regularly in the form of a cream or facewash, these two ingredients also help put back vitality in the skin. It also helps in plumping the skin to make it look and feel more vibrant than it was before. 

Acts As An Anti-Pollutant 

The antioxidation properties of Aloe vera also help in reversing back the effects of tan and sunburns. On the other hand, neem helps in removing the grime and germ build-up on the skin caused by sweat. So, when both ingredients are clubbed together, you enjoy long-lasting protection from environmental damage, especially when used every day. 

Clears Excess Oil Accumulation & Breakouts

Both the ingredients, excess aloe vera and neem, help in the deep cleansing of the skin. It then further helps remove excess oil accumulated and causes severe redness and acne on the skin. However, incorporating aloe vera neem face wash or any other product with these two focussed ingredients helps prevent oil build-up on the skin. As a result, you will see an improved texture on the skin, and you will look more radiantly flowing. 


We all wish to protect our skin at any cost, especially during monsoon season when it is prone to more issues. Now, you also know the two major ingredients that can help you achieve the skin you always wanted. So, now it’s time you start investing in products focused on neem and aloe vera properties. After all, these natural active compounds have so many wonderful benefits. 

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