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Top Treks to do in Karnataka 

Karnataka is a land of nature spot, that will take you to umpteen explorations. The state has many trekking spots, which you can choose to do in your free time. 

Gokarna Beach Trek

Ever wondered what a beach trek would look like? Well, Gokarna Beach Trek is a place that will answer your question! It is a perfect blend of Hills and beaches. It is 500 kilometers away from Bangalore. Initially you will reach Paradise Beach after crossing the forest. Paradise Beach is a sarine beach complemented by huge black rocks. Next destination is towards Half moon Beach, which welcomes you with constant waves. Before reaching this, you must cross the tricky high rocks, which, if not cared for, will lead you directly to the sea. After this you can reach Om Beach, which is named after the shape it takes based on Om. Next is Kudle Beach, which further leads you towards Gokarna Beach. So this trek is an amalgamation of adventurous and unique natural vegetation. The sounds of the waves will surely make your day. 

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Kumara Parvatha Trek

It is also known as Pushpagiri Hills. It is about 5624 feet above sea level.  260 kilometers away from Bangalore. It is part of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a part of Western Ghats. The trek starts at Kukke Subramanya Swami Temple, which is 1.5 kilometers away from the hill. Battaramane is the first viewpoint. From here you can reach the Forest Office, where you  can pitch your tents and take a rest. It is believed that a dog usually accompanies the trekkers. If you fail to reach the Forest Office by 11:30 am, then forest officials will not allow you to trek further. Because they believe that the trekkers may not return before night if they start after 11:30- 12:00. So if you were to reach after 11:30 am then you can start your trek the next day. The next day you can reach Shesa Parvatha, Kallu Parvatha. And as soon as you get closer to the peak, you will experience great relief.

Savandurga Hill Trek

It is the largest monolithic hill in India and Asia. Monolithic rocks are positioned in one single rock in order to form a giant boulder. The initial part of the trek is difficult especially when it is raining. However, you can find the direction marks everywhere on the hill so you cannot misplace the route. After crossing the flat surface of the rock, you will come across the steep slope, which is the most difficult part of the trek. Here the inclination can go more than 45 degrees. After crossing this the trek becomes easier than the previous one. You will come across the views of lakes far from the Hills. If you go further, you can also find Kalyana Mandapam, which is a hallmark of Vijayanagara Dynasty. As soon as you reach here then it means you are near to the summit. The summit has two temples and the view from here is unforgettable and a must watch experience. 

Kudremukh Trek  

Kudremukh is in Western Ghats of Karnataka, 350-380 kilometers away from   Bangalore, the capital city.  the 2nd highest peak in Karnataka, so you can expect  very steep slopes. It is standing at a height of 1892 meters above sea level. It is part of Kudremukh National Park, which is home to many endemic primates like golden langur, lion tailed macaque. The forest here is a reserved forest. You don’t generally get permission to trek in reserved forests. But Kudremukh Trek is a rare opportunity to visit and trek in a reserved forest,  as the permission is allowed here. It is known for its scenic beauty and freshness. If you have time to spend a day with nature, then Kudremukh is the perfect place.

Tadiandamol Trek 

If you are a person with adventurous zeal and waiting for trekking but are in the beginning stage of it, then Tadiandamol trek is best suited to you. The 3rd highest peak located in Kodagu district, Karnataka. It is around 11 kilometers away from Bangalore. It is in the middle of Western Ghats and is best for beginners in trekking as the difficulty level in trekking is easy, so will your morale. Its peak is at the height of 1748 meters above sea level. Best time to explore this place is during the rainy monsoon and chilling winters. It is endowed with Sholas, which are a source of groundwater, and a best place to witness fog and mist amidst evergreen forest. And one must be aware that camping is not allowed in this place because of the environmental restrictions. So plan your iteration accordingly. 

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