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In a world in constant change, technology represents an essential part of the logical evolution of things, and development in general and the web, in particular, must be able to adapt to current trends to be willing to do anything to function professionally and in business. With millions of websites running around the world and millions of companies bidding for search engine rankings, we find ourselves in a space where web developers must come up with new ways to improve their ranking results and be more competitive. You can get in touch with Best Web Development Agency in London

We could consider our websites as complex chains of code and images dancing on the screen with the sole purpose of making the user’s eyes happy, but we would be making the mistake of underestimating their true meaning. They are the visible face of our clients, the added value they offer to their clients, and what differentiates them from other competitors. That is why our duty is to offer you more creative and dynamic ways to improve your results on the network.

Always be on the move, that is the philosophy of online development, which is why it is essential to define developments in accordance with the latest trends, techniques, and current.

Let’s review the trends that are currently prevailing.


But, what are PWAs? They are mobile applications that act as a native application would, but it is really encapsulated website. PWAs or progressive web applications, according to the latest data, have higher conversion rates than their native counterparts, around 36 percent. That is why we can consider them a trend that will continue in the near future as they offer an experience similar to a native application and greater flexibility from a developer’s point of view.

This type of application has similar functionality to native applications but provides higher levels of interactivity and reception by users, and without the inconvenience of downloads. Some important brands are working on a combination of both technologies, bringing together the best of both fields, offering the stability of native developments, and taking advantage of the loading speeds of web environments.

The world is “mobilizing” more and more. The use of mobile phones is becoming more globalized worldwide thanks to their ease of use and the possibilities it offers, which is why this type of development will become more and more common.


It is already something more than a passing fad in the development of current applications and websites. An environment based on dark tones facilitates the visibility of content, providing comfort and visual ease reducing device battery consumption since dark tones require less screen consumption and drastically reducing user visual fatigue, improving the experience. Without taking into account that it provides a distinguished and modern aesthetic.

Big brands are clearly positioning themselves towards this trend in their developments for this course, it is something that we must take into account in our future projects.


Communication systems working on Artificial Intelligence will be more and more present throughout this year. There is a growing need for improved virtualized assistants and chatbots running on AI that facilitate the user experience. This technology may not seem essential, but its integration into websites facilitates site accessibility and user loyalty, so chatbots can be considered an essential tool when it comes to providing a better experience, reducing abandonment rates, and improving user support.

These bots (robots) process the collected information and offer the best solution taking into account the characteristics of the user, in a natural way to create the feeling of dealing with a human assistant.

Speech recognition and cognitive intelligence combine to improve the reliability of chatbots and bring them closer to what human staff could offer. There are many fields in which chatbots increasingly realize their importance when it comes to offering support in various areas of today’s industry.

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