Types of Mutual Funds: How To Invest And What Are The Ways To Invest

What Are Mutual Funds?

To invest in stocks or shares, money is collected from many investors. That’s why these are considered as the polls. Mutual funds are managed by professionals and own by different groups of investors. In simple words, we can say various numbers of investors held mutual funds, or the collection of securities owned by them, and there is a fund manager who manages everything. 

Understanding About How Mutual Fund Works 

Pooling money with other investors is the meaning of purchasing mutual funds. In this, money is pooled together by the investor and you, which the fund manager manages, then he invests your and invest money in different financial assets like bonds and shares. Managing mutual funds is done daily. 

While investing in mutual funds, it is always advisable to take the guidance of a well-experienced person in that particular field. Although if you are unable to find the right mentor, you can visit NIWS the Stock Market Institute In Delhi.

Types of Mutual Funds 

Once you know about mutual funds and how it works. Now the second important step is to gain the knowledge about the different types of mutual funds where you can invest in 

1 Money Market Funds 

From the different types of mutual funds, the first type is money market funds. These funds are invested in fixed income securities for the short term duration. Short-term, fixed-income securities are treasury bills, government bonds, commercial papers and fixed deposits.  Compared to other mutual funds, these mutual funds gives lower returns and are safer than different types.

2 Fixed Income Funds 

These types of mutual funds paid fixed rates of return. These types of funds get returns from the fund primarily through interest. 

3 Equity Funds 

Investing in stocks determines the equity funds. However, there are different types of equity funds: growth stocks, value stocks, and mid, small, and large-cap stocks.

4 Balance Funds 

In fixed income securities and mixed equities, balanced funds have invested the money, it can be invested in 40% equity and 60% fixed income ratio. Generating higher returns is the main motive of these funds. Also fixed income security risk is also reduced. 

5 Index Funds

For tracking the performance of a particular index, index funds are used. T&X and S&P are an example of it. The following index goes up when the index is up, and it goes down when it is down. Compared to other funds, index funds charge low management fees, which is why index funds are famous. 

6 Speciality Funds 

The small part of the market focuses on specialty funds, like energy, telecommunication, healthcare, and industrials.  

How to Invest In Mutual Funds 

Once you know about the types of mutual funds, now it is essential to understand how to invest in them. Always check this mandatory steps before investing in mutual funds. 

1 Identify the Purpose of Your Investing

 Deciding the purpose is the first step before investing in a mutual fund. Defining the investment goals makes things easier while your goal can be education, wedding, house, child’s education, and retirement. If you are confused about selecting the right goal or don’t set any goal, then at least clear the total wealth you have to create and how much period you want to make. Once you identify your investment goals, then it can be helpful to set the lock-in period, payment method, and level of risk. 

2 Fulfil the Know Of Your Consumer (KYC) Requirement

If any investor wants to invest in mutual funds, he needs to complete the KYC requirements. And for this, an investor needs to submit personal documents, including a PAN card, residential proof, aadhar card, etc. 

3 Know About the Available Types of Schemes 

When it comes to investing in mutual funds, they are countless. For every type of investor, some schemes suit them according to financial position. Before investing in joint, always complete your research regarding various types of mutual fund plans. Once you complete your research, then start investing according to your investment objective. If you are confuse, then take and advice of a financial advisor. 

4 Check All Risk Factors

Remember that while investing in mutual funds, one can get higher returns, but there is a risk included in it.There are various schemes which gives the higher returns, but those risks comes with higher risk of investing. If you want to gain high returns and have the potential to bear high risk, it is suggested to invest in equity schemes. On the other hand, if you can’t tolerate higher risk and want to get moderate returns, than debt schemes are good for you.

After identifying the objective of investment and completion of KYC you can easily start investing in mutual funds. Although for investing in mutual funds, having a bank account is also mandatory. 

Different Ways To Invest In Mutual Funds 

Once you have completed all the mandatory KYC requirements, you now need to select the way of investing in mutual funds. It is always suggested to choose on the basis of your comfort. Let’s have a look at different ways or types. 

1 Invest Offline Directly With Fund House

In this offline process you can visit at the nearest fund house to you and fill the application for investing in mutual funds. But before visiting at the fund house, make sure that you are caring things with you-

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Passport Size Photographs of yours 
  • Cancelled Cheque Leaf

Once you visit the fund house, you will get an application submission form in which you have filled the things and attached your documents. 

2 Offline Investment Through Broker

If you want proper guidance on investing in the appropriate types of mutual funds, then brokers will help you and guide you on how to invest in mutual funds by getting higher returns. He will give you the complete and proper investment with the various schemes and features for making your investment. Also, you will get guidance about which system you should invest in. And for this, he will charge some fees, or it will be deduct from your total investments. 

3 Online Through the Official Website

For investing in mutual funds, most fund houses provide online facilities. There is an application provided by the fund houses, which you need to submit and fill out by following all terms and conditions. The process of KYC can also be done online via eKYC. You need to fill in your PAN card and other card details. At the back-end process, information will be verified, and once it is proven, you can start investing in mutual funds. Hence, many investors prefer this online process of investing in mutual funds because it is hassle-free, quick, and accessible. 

4 Through An App

Various fund houses are giving the facility to invest in mutual funds through an online app, although you can easily find those apps online through your mobile phone. The app will allow investors to invest in mutual funds by maintaining their portfolios. Also, one can buy stocks and shares via an online app. My Cams and Karvy are some apps that allow every investor to invest in mutual funds.

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Final Say 

You can easily find various ways for your investments when it comes to investing, but selecting the most appropriate one is quite tricky. It is always suggested to invest in mutual funds because the risk, including in mutual funds is low compared to other types of investments. Also, you can get appropriate returns after investing in mutual funds.

If you want to invest in different types of mutual funds, first read this article and learn about each type. Here also, other ways of investing in mutual funds are mention. Choose the style and form of investing according to your interest and comfort. And if you are facing any issue regarding the selection of mutual fund, then you can take experts advice or join the best Stock Market Course In Delhi.


Happy Investing! 

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