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Unifying Your Brand With A Circle Logo Design


Before delving into the characteristics that compliment a circular logo, it’s important to understand what a logo is.

A logo is a text-and-visual-image combo that fulfills two goals. It informs consumers of the corporation’s name and provides a visual emblem that defines your brand. Some logos have strong symbolic meanings that link to people’s memories.

A professional-looking logo establishes credibility. If you have an optimal logo, potential clients are more likely to do trade with you. 

Circles are one of the optimal and universally recognizable forms for a logo that represents harmony, solidity, and completeness. They’re a symbol we link with the globe and nature since they’re the form of the sun and earth.

Generally, symbols or monograms use circle logo designs. It is obvious that every major corporation whether its BMC or Starbucks, uses circle logo designs to build credibility and signify that they appreciate the unity and loyalty of their customers.

Let’s look at some circle logo design suggestions to see what makes a good circle logo — and to help you determine if you should use one for your company.

Designing a circular logo

Some circle logos have the brand name within the form (like Nivea and BMW), while others fall outside of it (like Pinterest).

If you’re considering creating a circle logo, here are some questions to consider.

  • Why do you want a circle logo design? Consider how the form could boost your brand in the market, rather than just “it looks fascinating” or “my wordmark looks uninteresting.”
  • Will your company name fit within a circle enclosure and be readable when made smaller? If not, would you be happy to use initials or monogram in a ring with your company name alongside it, or would you be ready to bend the text to fit the area better?
  • Do you like a circular outline or a complete circle logo like Nivea’s?
  • Do you really want the circle to contain solely a wordmark/monogram or also a symbol (such as BMW)?

Look out some of these design suggestions and examples once you decide what type of emblem you want – and why you should get it!

1. First and foremost, keep it brief

Is it OK to use horizontal wording in a circle logo? Your business name should be no more than 1-5 characters long. Otherwise, use an abbreviation or initials in the circle and set the wordmark alongside it.

The monogram of this wordmark comprises the initial letter of each word, making good use of the circular space. Make absolutely sure your typeface fits inside the circle, then modify your spacing to take use of as much space as possible while maintaining padding around the corners.

The idea is to maintain your emblem legible when it scales down and to avoid unnecessary negative space. Consider how your logo will look as a favicon, an online social media dp/profile image, or on letterheads and business cards. Across all media, you want a design that is clear and readable.

A circular monogram can be a clever complement to your wordmark. If your company name is on the longer side and doesn’t fit into compact areas. Why? Many platforms that need your logo to be square demand circles, and circles fit perfectly within squares without causing much more negative space.

2. Secondly, Strive for brand coherence

If you intend to use a wordmark with on circle logo designs. Make sure the typography in both the monogram and the wordmark is the same to ensure brand identification.

The typeface you choose has a significant influence on your monogram. 

When you use a distinct typeface in a monogram. It’s much simpler for people to connect it to your main brand. Your logo will be unusable if you choose a narrower typeface in a circle that isn’t legible after it undergoes the scaling down process.

3. Thirdly, Curve the text in your logo

To give a more classic look, use bent text in emblems, seals, badges, and crest type logos. Curve text logos may typically hold more content while remaining proportional.

Curving the words in your logo is a wonderful method to emphasize the symbol. It also appeals to the customers mind and it continues to hold the attention of the passer-by. This curving content is a trendy and useful approach under the section of logo designs for better results of a logo design. 

Creating visually effective and distinctive shirts, round stickers, badges, and other promotional stuff is simple with logos with arching text.

At thedesignexpert, you can get the best circle logo designs that balance the text and design optimally and can assist your brand reach new heights.

4. Finally, Make a visual hierarchy

Consider what aspects to include in a circular logo while developing one. Filling space with random pieces is common, but it’s lousy and sloppy design. To build graphical hierarchy, you’ll want to make good use of the available space.

The company name, motto, emblem, year, symbol, and container are all important to include.

Because there are so many things to deal with, bending the text in the company name and tagline makes room for more. The monogram in the center draws emphasis to the company’s name.

When scaling down to a tiny size, pick a typeface that is readable and has contrast; strong typefaces to perform best.

Now is the time to create your own circular logo!

Do you want to make circle logo designs that unites your brand and properly rounds off your enterprise? If your text runs horizontally, ensure to use a short name or insignia. To guarantee scalability and the optimal use of negative space, choose a bold typeface.

Consider the features you want to incorporate. How you want your company name to appear as curvy text if you want a more badge-like appearance.

However, it is always a much better and an optimal option to contact one of the best designing agencies for circle logo designs. Also to ensure that your logo stays flawless and perfectly coherent and consistent with your company’s values. 


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