Unlock Stan Lee’s Chakra Loot Box to witness the surprises of unique NFT Collections

The world is amazed by the launch of Stan Lee’s Chakra Loot Box that stormed the internet recently. The popularity of Chakraverse started to rise gradually among marvel fans to continue his legacy. Many artists, creators, and investors have shown more interest in Chakra The Invincible carved by the legendary Stan Lee himself. The hype for purchasing Chakra NFT Loot Box is burgeoning day after day. Chakra Artpunks Loot Box contains a collection of generative Chakra The Invincible Artpunks. Beyondlife.club has strived hard to make Stan Lee’s 99the Birthday memorable among his beloved fans. 

Chakra The Invincible became more trending for the comic character featuring Indian Bollywood superheroes. The Chakra’s Loot Box auction will feature more than 7000 exclusive Chakra NFT art pieces. Hollywood meets Bollywood superhero creation to astonish Stan’s fans with unique Chakra Artpunks curated by smart contracts. The Chakra’s comic character will portray the essence of Seven Chakra’s Powers to entertain marvel fans across the globe. The Chakra Loot Box contains exclusive signature collections from Chakra The Invincible NFT offerings. The Chakraverse offers NFT collections of 6865 unique generative artpunks based on the characters from Chakra comic novel.  

What is a Chakra Artpunks Loot Box?

Chakra Artpunks Loot Box offers a collection of distinctive Chakra NFT artpunks. The signature Loot Box holds the latest Chakra The Invincible offerings, and the owners can blind purchase to avail a unique Chakra NFT. Each of these NFTs is one-of-a-kind that portrays Stan Lee’s original characters. These NFTs are placed in a Loot Box to benefit the buyers with random Chakra character artpunks from the NFT collection. Big surprises await for those who purchase 5 or more NFTs from any of the collections. Investors can witness the hidden surprise of Chakra NFT collections in the treasure box to win exciting prizes.  

How is the craze for Chakra Jumbo JukeBox evolving in the marvel universe?

The marvel universe is becoming more special with beyond life’s Jumbo JukeBox holding a collection of surprise NFTs. The Jumbo JukeBox consists of a stunning collection of comic NFTs co-created by Stan Lee. The Chakra’s Jumbo JukeBox auction participants will receive Chakra The Invincible’s comic book covers and Chakra’s animated videos. 

Unlock the Jumbo JukeBox to find the following :

  • Common and Uncommon editions of Chakra’s The Invincible comic book cover portray the initial stage of the story.
  • Rare editions of the Chakra superhero comic book cover present the attached storyline.
  • Ultimate rare comic book cover edition of Chakra The Invincible offers the essence of the entire saga. 
  • Secret silver age rare comic book cover editions will enlighten the ethnicity of Chakra The Invincible comic. 
  • It’s not over! Animated Chakra The Invincible Videos are also part of the Jumbo JukeBox. Through these animated videos, marvel fans can experience Chakra and his universe in depth. 

Perks of investing in Jumbo JukeBox :

  • Every JukeBox owner will receive a digital comic cover of the Chakra The Invincible saga (issue- 01)
  • The Jumbo JukeBox holder can mint their NFTs, a random number of comic book editions, ranging from issue 02 – issue 25, will be allocated. It allows the investors to enhance tradability. 

Why is Chakra NFT Treasure Box trending in the Marvel universe?

The Chakra Treasure Box is the biggest buzz around marvel fans after its launch in the Beyondlife.club. First they offered “The Loot Box,” and now they have brought the Mother of all goodness as a Treasure Box for Stan’s fans. Chakra The Invincible is all about the power of goodness. Stan Lee has always strived hard to provide infused creativity and surprises in his stories. Beyondlife holds more surprises for Stan Lee’s fans to boost their wallets big time. 

Every Marvel fan who holds 5 or more NFTs from any collection will gain access to unlock the exciting Treasure Box. Also, the supreme Treasure Box contains real coins worth $50,000 (INR 3,500,000). The Chakra’s treasure box contains real coins like Bitcoin, Shiba Inu Token, Ether, MANAs and SANDs, USDT, and Surprise of Mega Size (Undisclosed). All Stan’s fans can brace themselves to go hunt and gain the super fortune on January 1st,2022. 

Summing Up :

Stan Lee’s Chakra Loot Box became more popular among Marvel fans after Beyondlife unveiled the surprise. Many NFT enthusiasts, creators, and investors are attracted by Chakra’s The Invincible comic NFT created by Stan Lee, the legend himself. The Chakra character features an Indian superhero with Seven Chakra’s Powers. The Chakra Artpunk Loot Box contains unique Chakra NFTs with Stan Lee’s signature. All Marvel can brace themselves to participate in the Chakra auction conducted on the Beyondlife platform to unlock the Treasure Box and Jumbo JukeBox. Investors can check out the Beyondlife.club to cherish the creations of Marvel Legend Stan Lee and stand a chance to win exciting prizes to increase their portfolio value. 




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