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Use Cases of Omron PCB relay

The everyday devices are getting smaller and the kitchen appliances are following this trend of becoming more space and energy-efficient. The devices are inbuilt with IoT and have more advanced control systems and functioning. 

The smaller and compact devices are not only space-efficient but also require less energy for functioning. These also leave smaller footprints. 

The Omron PCB relays are required in lighting controllers, movement detection sensors, home, and building automation, motor control, energy management, remote switching, and controlling. 

Why do we use a relay?

Relays are very effective in complex circuit controlling and managing, these are highly versatile components of any electrical device. 

How does a relay work?

The relays work in different ways based on the factors such as size, capacity, and their right application. These differ due to the fact that some of them are normally open, NO, and others are normally closed, NC. 

What Are the Characteristics of The PCB Relays?

Their range of relays from Omron Electronics includes PCB relay, DC power relay, Signal relays, solid-state relay, and automotive relays. We are discussing the Omron PCB relay with its applications and advantages. 

These are extremely compact and save space when integrated into the circuit board. 

The contact surfaces, protective structure, and coil specifications are also innovative and according to the applications.

Mounting of PCB relay

The integration of a relay in the circuit board has many factors that are involved like, operating conditions, construction, and mounting type of the relay. The load current, current surge, ambient temperature and airflow impact the integration and spacing, and size. 

Omron PCB relay application areas:

There are several industries that use PCB relays in switch loads of motors, lamps, and heaters. Let’s see other areas of use.

Industrial equipment

This relay is very common in industrial machines such as molders, welders, mounters, machine tools, and other industrial robots and machines.

Consumer equipment

In commercial types of equipment, these are used in the control of motors and illumination of fluorescent lamps. Another usage is in power supply types of equipment like UPS and SMPS. 

Consumer electronics

The relays are one of the core components of consumer electronics to keep them safe and long-running. Household items such as ACs, washing machines, ovens, and refrigerators have them to automate the process of turning the machine on and off. 


  • Able to withstand a large amount of current surge
  • High structural reliability, not affected by the external environment 
  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient
  • Carries high voltage and high current load

Features of Omron PCB relays

  • It has a wide range of rated current.
  • The compact housings ensure versatility. 
  • It is also very less power-consuming, which starts from 120mW.
  • You can find several models that offer superior Voltage rating up to 10kV between coil and contacts
  • The housing comes in semi-sealed, fully sealed, and vented style.
  • It is also RoHS Compliant. 


The Omron PCB relays are electromechanical switches that operate heavy current loads in the ICs. It switches the current to other circuits. 

The relays are an integral part of the circuits and their design and this requires using high-quality relays that are appropriate for the application, type, and size. 



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